The Top 8 PR Trends That Will Empower Your Business

By Wendy Marx

PR trends are like the GPS in our public relations vehicles. They show us what’s ahead and what to avoid when it comes to our public relations tactics. Where is PR headed? How can we stay on top of trends and deliver the best results to our business?

Public relations is an exciting industry — and part of that excitement stems from the fact that it is constantly on the move. PR constantly evolves as new products develop and new trends emerge.

Let’s look at 8 trends that will affect your public relations tactics, and how these can empower your business moving forward.

PR constantly evolves as new products develop and new trends emerge.

8 PR Trends That Will Impact Your Business This Year

Journalists Are More Careful Than Ever

Fake news has been top of mind this year, and has many on their toes. This trend means far-reaching consequences for news outlets and those who use them. Expect journalists to be extremely careful and diligent when it comes to the stories they publish. They are on heightened alert to triple-check all their facts and deliver a thoroughly vetted story to their audience — and avoid the fakes news stigma.

Your press releases should be written with this in mind. Provide facts and figures that give journalists a complete story — and one that they can confidently deliver to their audience.

2. Measurement is Poised to Bring Value

Companies want to see clear value in their public relations strategy. That means metrics need to be a number one PR priority.

In order to measure our PR efforts effectively, we need to have clear objectives. Sit down with your company’s C-level executives and determine how they define PR success.

Once you have clear objectives in mind, determine what areas to measure in order to deliver an accurate picture of how your PR strategy delivers results.

3. Third Party Research Is Essential

Do you want to make sure your pitch floats to the top of a journalist’s figurative pile? Third party research might be the key. As mentioned above, journalists are in a crunch to deliver stories with solid, irrefutable facts.

If the research and statistics originate from your company, journalists may hesitate to use it. Could this research be tainted? Is it 100% accurate? But when you use third party research from a recognizable and reputable company to support your claims, it removes any lingering doubts about your work.

4. Reputation Management Becomes Crucial

A flawless online reputation has become a “must-have” in the realm of business. Buyers are more vigilant than ever to vet the companies with which they do business. The bulk of this research is done online — they scour the internet for comments, review boards, and information that will help them make a wise decision.

With this level of scrutiny, businesses need to get in front of their online reputation. If you want to be a successful business, you can’t just put out fires as they happen. You need to consistently promote your online reputation from the beginning. This will render those Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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