The Shocking Truth About Online Marketing

By Kristin Zhivago

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It’s just not possible. I can no longer stay silent on this whole subject. After reading this article and this article about how tech has ruined marketing and the old ways still matter, and after working with my partner for a couple of years now (something that has changed my own perceptions of marketing completely) I have come to realize that marketing pundits are arguing about the wrong marketing paradigms.

The truth is, marketing in 2017 – not just online marketing, but all of marketing – is forever changed by one overriding fact: We marketers are no longer in charge of the message.

Of course, we like to think we are, because our jobs – and by extension, our companies’ revenues – depend on it. But we are not.

Instead, customers are in charge of our message. Competitors are in charge of our message. Google is in charge of our message. Or, perhaps I should say, more accurately, the internet itself – in its current “mobile is eating the world” state – is now in charge of our message.

I can see you all sitting up stiffly now and staring at your screen. “What the hell is she talking about?” This is definitely not a comforting thought.

The truth is, while marketers debate endlessly about the latest technique, we are in the middle of a digital revolution. We are experiencing the biggest shift in marketing since the printing press, which I would argue had more influence on humans and the state of marketing than TV or radio did. The printing press enabled all humans to do something efficiently that they had previously been unable to do: communicate with each other, one-to-many, when they weren’t physically with each other, expanding the reach of a single idea.

TV and radio just continued that trend. And, of course, YouTube took it to ridiculous extremes, where anyone – not just the established media – could spread an idea with incredible speed. One audition by a cheeky and slightly strange woman named Susan Boyle, who had been quietly and unanimously taking care of her mother for years in a village in England, could go viral and be viewed by millions literally overnight.

We marketers are missing the point

The problem with all of these endless discussions about marketing and channels and branding and content and search engine optimization and viral and the millions of techniques pundits argue about is that they are missing the point. Like I said, we are no longer in control of our message. We were, up until a few years ago, but we aren’t anymore.

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you are thinking of marketing as a method of “getting your message out there.” Whatever you’re doing is about as useless as doing nothing. Why? Because the market for your products and services is moving along without you, at internet speed.

As I type this, people searching for your solution are using Google, and even while they are on their way to a store Go to the full article.

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