The Power of Instagram for Fashion Brands

By Joseph Cole

Digital influencers

Have you ever walked down a busy city street, caught sight of a stranger in a great outfit, and wondered where he or she bought it? That’s the power of Instagram for fashion brands. Curious consumers don’t have to wonder where an influencer bought a sweater or skirt or neck tie; they simply have to look at the hashtags on the post.

Instagram has created an authentic, transparent way to spread fashion brands’ messages without spammy or overly zealous marketing. An influencer tells his or her own story about the product in question, lending his or her familiar voice so that followers recognize it and respond to it.

Embracing A Familiar Format

Instagram users know what a post looks like. They’re familiar with the square images, blue Follow buttons, heart-shaped “like” buttons, hashtags, and other components. They know how to comment on the posts and how to decipher the lingo.

Harnessing that knowledge can help fashion brands grow. Whether you use your own branded Instagram account or partner with fashion influencers, you can reach a dedicated audience that already cares about fashion, and that understands how Instagram works.

Moving Beyond the Ad Blocker

According to the most recent PageFair survey, “615 million devices now use adblockers.” In other words, on those 615 million devices, consumers can’t see the ads you’ve carefully crafted to show off your latest fashion creations.

Instagram allows fashion brands to reroute their marketing strategies to circumvent adblockers. Even more importantly, when influencers model the latest fashions, their photographs don’t look like ads at all because they’re styled with the influencer’s own unique flair. Even if an influencer works with 15 different fashion brands, his or her Instagram feed looks like a carefully curated collection of favorite items from his or her wardrobe.

If you’re going to spend money on marketing, Instagram influencers offer far better ROI than paid search or paid social, especially if your target demographic is using adblockers.

Empowering the Trendsetters

Some of the most passionate Instagram influencers have become trendsetters in their own right. Consumers don’t always look to the fashion magazines to figure out what to wear, especially when those magazines are filled with threads they can’t afford.

Instead, they scroll up and down their feeds on Instagram.

As a fashion brand, you can help influencers set those trends. Your own products become the stage dressing for huge shifts in fashion movements, whether you’re focused on haute couture or high street fashion.

Furthermore, as your Instagram influencers gain larger followings, their reach expands, as well. They can impact fashion decisions on the other side of the world with a simple photograph, a few well-chosen words, and a slew of meaningful hashtags.

Uniting Photography, Fashion, and Voice

Some of the most powerful Instagram influencers boast the trifecta for fashion brands: voice, photography, and fashion acumen. They know how to put together an outfit just by staring at the items in their closets, and they know how to style a shoot, so they look stunning and show off what they’re wearing.

Even more importantly, they use words to convey Go to the full article.

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