The Last 10 Times an American Small Business Set a Guinness World Record

By Joshua Sophy

Small Business Guinness World Record Inspiration

Small businesses are capable of accomplishing big things — even the biggest.

In the last year and a half, 10 small businesses across the United States and Puerto Rico were able to call themselves a Guiness World Records record breaker.

Guinness World Records told Small Business Trends in the last year, 800 companies — large and small — have set or broken one of their records. And others have tried but fallen short of the mark. Guinness World Records says it gets 1,000 requests per week by companies and individuals who want to set or break one of its records.

So, how do you get the attention of Guinness World Records for your small business? There is a bit of an extensive process to get a Guinness World Records judge to come to your business but here is the baseline criteria, according to the record keepers:

“Every record, whether it is one that already exists or is a new category, is activated in our system with a set of global and standard guidelines. In addition, our adjudicators undergo extensive records and media training before being allowed to oversee a record attempt.”

Even failing to reach the mark your company wants to achieve can have its benefits. Once approved, your business is able to use official brand assets from Guinness World Records and promote the event ahead of time.

“There’s also the opportunity to engage customers or fans either online surrounding the attempt or during the attempt itself. Running an event or a campaign that features a Guinness World Records title often unites employees, external vendors, and partners. Finally, many of our clients attempt records that have a CSR or community engagement tie, so there can be that pride and good feeling that go with giving back,” Keith Green, Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Sales at Guinness World Records North America, told Small Business Trends.

“The most important thing to remember is that there is always a story to be told and content to capture, no matter what the outcome,” Green adds.

Small Business Guinness World Record Inspiration

Having trouble thinking of what kind of record your company could break or set? Look at the examples of the last 10 American small businesses to do so. The companies all took one aspect of their business and went all-out to earn the prestigious honor.

Largest Bead Mosaic

Bead Town, Gary, Indiana

Small Business Guinness World Record Inspiration - Largest Bead Mosaic

Stephan Wanger’s Bead Town in Gary, Indiana, became a Guinness World Records record breaker for the largest bead mosaic on May 15, 2017. The mosaic was titled “Life in the French Quarter” and measured 71.33 square meters. Bead Town partnered with the Gary Community School Corporation and the community’s Legacy Foundation to achieve the record.

The mosaic featured more than 5 million beads assembled over the course of Go to the full article.

Source:: Small Business Trends

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