The Inner Fire Makes the Difference

By Fabrizio Moreira

When it comes to getting ahead in the world, there is one thing that makes the difference above everything else. It’s not money. Plenty of rich kids wind up bankrupting dad’s empire within a very short time. And in some cases, Dad wouldn’t dream of putting junior in place in the first place. The saying “riches to rags in a generation” is almost a verifiable fact. Psychologist Dr. Denis Waitley noted this in his classic, “The Psychology of Winning” that the offspring of the most successful people often have a hard time succeeding because they’ve had too much to start with. And people who have discouraging, deprived backgrounds rise to the top.

And the difference is . . .

So the question is what makes the difference? Why does one make it and the other struggle to stay afloat and keep from drowning?

Just like all great secrets in the world, it’s pretty simple. (That’s why most people miss it. They’re looking for something more complicated.)

The difference is inner fire: that deep-rooted desire to achieve, to overcome, to build, and to make the world a better place. And the desire is unquenchable, insatiable, all consuming. The will to win.

That desire, will, fire, whatever you want to call it, has to come from inside, and nowhere else.

No one can win the game for you. And no one can give you the will to win. It’s got to be there inside you. One of the central points professional speakers always emphasize is that when you’re working toward a goal, that goal must be yours. No one else’s. Someone can suggest one to you, but you must internalize it. You need to own it completely.

When a goal is yours, no one can take it away from you. You may feel like surrendering it in a moment of frustration, exhaustion and weakness, but no one can take it from you.

For years I’ve said, “No one can make you successful, the will to succeed comes from within.” You may have a manager, boss, a friend, a wife, a significant other, there encouraging you, but the will has to be yours.

Fuel for the Journey

When you own it, when that will to succeed comes from deep within, it gives you fuel for your journey.

As you go down the road you’ve chosen, it’s going to get rough and rocky at times. Trust me when I say there will be times when you’ll want to quit. A lot of them. There will be day so dark you’ll wonder if you have the energy to get out of bed and keep going.

It’s days like that when you need that inner will to keep you going, and help you get over that hill. Something imposed on you from outside will never give you the energy you need to get out and get going on those days. The deep-rooted will to succeed is what’s going to get you moving on those days.

It’s the fuel for your long journey. And it’s going to be a Go to the full article.

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