The Hidden Sales Productivity Drain

By Dave Brock

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Regardless your level, look at your weekly calendar. Unless you are a total dolt, I can guess what it looks like:

  1. Your time is completely filled, often with overlaps in meetings, some with multiple things scheduled at the same time.
  2. The demands on your time exceed what you can schedule—and you do a lit of shifting/juggling.
  3. Your to-do list isn’t getting shorter, in fact it’s getting longer–and you seem to be completing fewer things each week.
  4. You’ve never been busier. You may feel like you are accomplishing a lot-because of your activity levels, but at the end of the month/quarter/year, if you made your numbers it was probably a real struggle.
  5. You don’t see things getting better.

It sucks, but that’s what I see with everyone I deal with (I don’t waste time on dolts.)

It seems getting things done is just harder–not just the volume of things we have to get done, but the process of it. Working with our customers is much more complex—more people involved in the Decisionmaking Process. Track the CEB numbers—when Challenger first came out, the number of people involved in complex decisions was about 5.3, about 18 months ago it went up to 6.8. I suspect when I speak with Brent and Nick in a few weeks the data will have changed, probably going to over 7. Our customers buying processes are not only more complex, they are getting longer (with far too many ending in no decision made).

But it’s not just our customers–within our own companies, getting things done is getting harder! Because we have complex solutions, we have more people involved in the selling process. We need to get specialists, support and others involved. Increasingly we have to tailor deals to respond to our customers needs. We need help in configuring/assembling the right solution, pricing, contract changes, we need some special support, a modification in shipping/supply chain issues—whatever it is, we are spending more and more time getting things done within our own companies, robbing us of the time we need to work with customers. Even if we are selling standard products, there is no such thing as a standard deal.

We do all these things, struggling to get our jobs done. But we have to do all these things, otherwise we don’t get our jobs done. I face it too–at first I hoped I could invent the 8 day/3o hour week–but I gave up. I did send a request to Elon Musk, he seems up to the challenge.

Our clients face the same thing. They asked us for help. Most of the time, we would focus on the customer side. We focused on how they sold, looking for ways to improve results/productivity: How can we compress sales cycles, how can we increase win rates, how can we improve average deal sizes. We spend a lot of time looking at time management or at tools to help productivity. Usually, we can do a lot—often time to results is a challenge, the change management process is a challenge, or Go to the full article.

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