The Game of Thrones Guide to Ruthless Content Marketing

By Shannon Willoby

In the competitive world of content marketing, winter is always here.

And that means you don’t have the luxury of sipping wine out of a goblet whilst waiting for your posts to go viral.

No, you’re out on the front lines valiantly fighting for your content to be seen. You’re arming yourself with statistics that’ll help you win over readers. And you’ve mapped out a strategy that’ll keep you one step ahead of the competition at all times.

You’re basically the Jon Snow of content marketing – and you already know the Iron Throne can’t be won without a battle.

Ready for the fight of your life? Use this Game of Thrones guide to create ruthless content that resonates with your target audience and keeps them coming back for more year-round.

Be Unpredictable – Like a White Walker

You never know when the White Walkers will appear — and that’s part of their… charm, right?

If you want to ensure your target market doesn’t get bored or lose interest, make your content as unpredictable as a White Walker.

Mix up your headlines.

Always doing numbered lists? Try a ‘How to’ headline or a data-backed headline to pique reader interest.

Or try getting a little controversial by challenging a popular idea or capitalizing on a trending topic with a themed post.

Ruthless tip: Beat out the competition by double-checking your headlines for length, emotional impact, and more using CoSchedule’s free analyzer. (You can also use this tool to analyze your email subject lines too.)

Try content upgrades.

A content upgrade can be anything you deem as “bonus material” that is offered along with a blog post.

For example, if it’s a post on 12 new sites to promote a blog, your upgrade could be an ebook that provides 12 additional ways to promote a blog or a spreadsheet that helps people keep track of their promotional efforts.

The important thing here is that the upgrade provides value to your reader — and complements the topic of the blog post.

Some ideas include:

  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Cheat sheets
  • Ebooks
  • In-depth how-to guides

But constantly alternating between upgrades is how you will remain unpredictable to your readers.

Ruthless tip: Offer your content upgrade in exchange for your readers’ email addresses using a tool like Sumo. The cool thing about Sumo is that you can switch up how each content upgrade is offered, from a click-trigger pop-up to a scroll box. (And you’re able to A/B test to find out what works best with your audience.)

Sumo is free at a basic level, but the paid plans allow you to integrate with your email provider.

Use interactive content.

Your readers expect quality content from you, but it doesn’t always have to come in the form of an 800-word blog post, right?

Interactive content will shake things up for your reader — while still allowing you to create content that aligns with your readers’ interests.

Ruthless tip: Use a free tool like Apester to create entertaining quizzes, surveys, and polls to keep readers engaged on your blog — and away from your competition.

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