The Follow – A Softer Way of Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

By Bob Woods

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Connect. Connect. Connect.

It’s a mantra we all feel like we should be following to successfully conduct business on LinkedIn. Yet it can be very uncomfortable for people to reach out to others on the platform–especially people we don’t know.

There is a way around connecting, however. It involves a little-known feature of LinkedIn that actually makes it more Twitter-like in feel and use. Moreover, you can use it to start pinging on the radar of those 2nd- and 3rd-degree people with whom you want to establish a relationship, without the pressure of having to connect or having them turn down your connection request.

The Concept Behind The Follow

I mentioned Twitter in the above paragraph because “following” people on LinkedIn is the same as following on Twitter:

  1. You begin following them on LinkedIn (instructions are in the next section).
  2. The people you have just started following are notified by LinkedIn that you’re now following them. With this action, you’ve made the initial “ping” on that person’s radar.
  3. Now that you’re following them, you can see their content shares, their likes and comments, and their LinkedIn Publishing articles in your newsfeed… again, just like Twitter. And like Twitter, it’s now much easier to interact with their content.

The most important aspect of The Follow, though, is that the people being followed don’t have to “accept” your follow (again, just like Twitter). Like the graphic at the top of this story says it’s a one-way, one-direction action.

Learning The Follow is a bit like the education behind Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: Takes a minute to learn, and a lifetime to master. Well, not really a “lifetime,” but there is an ongoing strategy behind it that you can use to build your influence and even your sales pipeline. I’ll teach you the strategy in just a minute, but first…

How to Follow

It used to be a little difficult to follow people. You have to know that the action of “following” actually exists, which LinkedIn doesn’t promote nearly as much as it should. You also have to know that triggering what I call the “ellipsis” icon on their profile generates a drop-down menu. You can follow them from there, as seen in this graphic:

Pretty sweet, if you know it exists.

I just learned that LinkedIn is making it much easier to find that menu, and this new feature (shown below) is rolling out in the typical way LinkedIn introduces new features to its members: in slowly rolling waves.

My new connection Ira Bass already has access to it; he was kind enough to provide me with the above graphic, as I can’t see it yet. In the example above, he’s already following this particular person. If you’re not, “Unfollow” shows up as “Follow.” If you’re in the same boat as me, just use the method I’ve detailed at the top of this section until LinkedIn rolls it out to you.

A Strategy to Maximize The Follow

Now that you Go to the full article.

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