The Essentials Of Swamp Thing

By Abel Loza

Dr. Alec Holland, better known as Swamp Thing, is one of DC Comics’ most underrated and underused characters in the DC Universe. Usually associated with the “darker” or supernatural side of DC, Swamp Thing has one of the most exciting origin stories and has a plethora of rich stories from his 45 years of existence in comic books, television, and film. Our Abel Loza takes a break from talking Batman and discusses what comics, movies and shows you should read and watch to be fully immersed in the world of Swamp Thing.

The Essentials Of Swamp Thing

During my time here at ComiConverse, most of my writing has been focused on the Dark Knight, as he has been my favorite character since I knew what a superhero was. Although Batman is my favorite character to talk and write about, by no means, does that make him the only character that I care about? One of the characters that I enjoy exploring is classic and sometimes forgotten, Swamp Thing.


One of the many times Batman and Swamp Thing have faced off/worked together

With the announcement of the upcoming one-shot Swamp Thing: Winter Special, I was extremely excited to revisit the creature from Louisiana and catch up to get ready for the forthcoming issue. Writer Len Wein, one half of the original creative team behind Swamp thing (the other being artist Bernie Wrightson) was set to make a comeback and create an ongoing Swamp Thing series starting in 2017. Unfortunately, the untimely passing of Wein in September of 2017 (consequently and also, unfortunately, Wrightson also passed away earlier in 2017) left the project in limbo.


Queue superstar creative team Tom King and artist Jason Fabok, who initially teamed up on The Button together, decided to pick up where Wein left off and put together a single issue with Wein’s original script.

So to get everyone ready for the Swamp Thing: Winter Special, I compiled a list of some of my favorite and some of the essential Swamp Thing stories that anyone who is interested in learning and more about Swamp Thing should read or watch. My goal for this list is to not only introduce you to the character of Swamp Thing but also make him one of your favorite characters as well. The anthropomorphic, human/plant swamp monster was created in 1971 by the aforementioned writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson and made his first appearance in House of Secrets #92 in July of 1971.

Named Alec Olsen initially, Swamp Thing was renamed to Alec Holland when he got his comic book series in Swamp Thing #1 in 1972. Although a few other thing were changed in the origin story between House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1, the basic premise is the same: A scientist, who developed a world-changing chemical formula for plants, is burned to death by a jealous third Go to the full article.

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