The Cure for Marketing Overwhelm

By Jen Phillips April

the cure for overwhelm

Marketing overwhelm is a real thing.

Every week I have conversations with smart business people like you who aren’t sure what to do next to move the needle. Should you start podcasting? Figure out this “sales funnel” thing, host webinars?

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There’s no doubt about it, the internet is a blessing and curse for entrepreneurs. You’re offered the ultimate freedom of working from your laptop anywhere there’s wifi but how do you grow your fledgling business? How do you keep attracting clients, do the work and still have a life?

There’s gobs of information available. And that’s part of the problem.

Too many people are wasting time chasing shiny objects. That person is raking it in with their LinkedIn strategy! Wait, over here, this person is making 5-figures a day with podcasts!

So, what’s a smart cookie to do?


You’ve probably heard the acronym F.O.C.U.S

It stands for Follow One Thing Until Successful.

Which is true. Any tactic can work with a good strategy and consistent implementation. Webinars, Facebook Live, blogging, etc.

But there’s a part “deux” as Rick and I say around here.

And that part “deux” may be screamingly obvious to you.

It may not.

It wasn’t always obvious to me.

But here’s the “catch.”

Any marketing strategy can work IF you have a STRATEGY.

You want to create solid offers that your target audience wants.

Here’s an example, I have a client who has defined her niche as Pinterest for Business – she excels at working with crafty types helping them grow their businesses using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites.

Because she’s super clear on who she helps and what she does, it’s a snap to recommend her. In fact, I’ve recommended her to at least 3 clients since I met her six months ago.

No matter what methods you use, it always boils down to your message and your offer.

If you need help with yours, download your copy of the one-page marketing plan and give it at least 20 minutes of your time.

You may not know all the answers. That’s ok, just fill out what you can and ask yourself if you’re as clear as you can be on your ideal client and what you do for them.

If you’re not, then you ask yourself how you can be more focused. Get clear on your offer and target market and then choose 3-4 marketing tactics to implement consistently. That will cure your marketing overwhelm.

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