The Complete Insider’s Guide to Choosing the Best Explainer Video Production Company

By Andre Oentoro

Choosing The Best Explainer Video Production Company

Explainer video production is an everyday activity for us, an explainer video company. Things are different for our clients. Most of them have no idea how the step-by-step of our production stage goes — sometimes, this lack of knowledge leads to a delaying in their project, which often they don’t like.

Here’s the secret of how we make awesome explainer videos: great communication between us (the creative team) and clients. Like all good communication, it should go both ways.

We believe that an explainer video should represent the brand it so deliberately showcases. This is exactly why we decided to write a complete walkthrough of an explainer video’s production (with an accompanying comparison infographic).

However, before you get deep into the production process, you have to go through the hardest part of an explainer video production: finding the right production company.

As far as you, the customer, are concerned, the rest of the production stage mainly consists of reviewing drafts and exchanging feedback with the production company.

We have thought everything over and decided to put everything you need to know in an infographic so you can save it and read it anytime you want.

Here is the infographic:

How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Production Service

You should consider many factors when searching for the best explainer video production company for you.

Style & Design

The most important part in choosing a production team is finding the one that resonates with your company, that understands what’s important for you, and that is able to deliver results that meet your expectations.
After all, the explainer video will represent your brand and product.

Preferably, their design style is hip and up-to-date, following current trends. (You don’t want to end up with a video that looks like it was created a few years ago.) Judging whether the style matches yours or not is quite simple: Just go through their portfolio. If you find 3 to 5 of their videos that are suitable for your target audience, go for it.

More people are becoming professional animators and illustrators. This spurs the development of a more diverse design community; new styles are being experimented and invented every day.

This means two things:

  • First, you have an enormous pool of style options for your explainer video, which is good.
  • Second, you need to be thorough when picking the one.

If you haven’t figured out who is your target audience, think about who you want to be your customers and what they want to see from your explainer video. Consulting an expert from an explainer video production company will also help you.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Explainer videos can be expensive, and by that I mean $50,000-for-one-minute expensive.

Only a handful of companies can afford to spend that kind of money for a video. And that’s only if they have the budget to spare.

Explainer video production companies from around the world charge differently for each project they handle. Depending on the budget you have, the best choice for your company may be different from the one you competitor chooses.

Larger, more prominent companies that Go to the full article.

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