The 8 Most Powerful Sales Voicemail Strategies

By Matt Goldman

Voicemails are common sales tools found within a company’s operations to ensure that leads turn into actual opportunities. Contrary to what most say, voicemails are thriving tools used by most sales teams, and its benefits, once exploited, will prove beneficial to the sales process. It is one thing to use voicemails in your sales process, but it’s another to optimize its potential. On the surface, the usage of voicemails might seem like a piece of cake, but some, if not most, members of the sales force tend to misuse it, thus losing its effectiveness. Here are common voicemail usage problems:

First, the error might lie within your sales reps. At times, reps, when unprepared, might end up blurting out pitches that clients wouldn’t even bother listening to. Often, reps who commit this mistake find themselves pondering on why they don’t receive return calls from clients. A remedy for this would be to create standard sales pitch for all your reps. Ensure that their spiels are uttered in a natural tone, or else, it might come off as robotic and insincere. Obviously rehearsed voicemail scripts easily turn off clients, and would defeat the purpose of even having one.

Second, reps tend to overlook one important aspect of sending voicemails: stating a clear objective. A sound reason for why one is sending a certain voicemail is the best foundation for an effective pitch. Voicemails with vague goals are often dismissed by clients who have no time deciphering the message you hope to send across.

Here are objectives for every voicemail you send to your clients listed by IA Magazine:

The Initial Voicemail

  • The ultimate goal, of course, is to get a call back from your prospects
  • Next goal would be the desire to advance the sales call. Spark your client’s interest regarding your product
  • Ensure that you have locked in the client, and that they would surely take the next call from you.
  • Veer away from the typical phrases used by most reps

The Follow-Up Voicemail

  • Now you’ve got the client interested, take it to the next level. Feed your prospect with more information regarding your product
  • Always be cautious to refine your eagerness to sell your product. This isn’t a powerpoint presentation to the client, it’s a dialogue. Have a conversation, don’t deliver a strict sales pitch.

Another problem that renders voicemails ineffective are the many pauses, filler words, and speech buckles in a sales rep’s spiel. Not only does this turn off the person on the other end of the line, but it also depreciates the value of the company you work for. These mishaps in sales reps’ speech is caused by various factors.

  • Insufficient product knowledge
  • Lack of personable skills
  • Constant self-doubt

Lastly, probably the main reason why prospects never call reps back is because they never even gave their clients a compelling reason to do so. A voicemail that seeks to get a follow-up should be three things: enticing, exciting, and enthusiastic. These three things, when injected in your sales pitches will add color to an, otherwise, dull voicemail.

Sales Voicemail Strategies

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