The 7-Step Guide to Creating Amazing Cornerstone Content

By Elisa Gabbert

cornerstone content

From time to time, people ask me what my #1 content marketing tip is. Often, these people are new to content marketing – they have a new site or business, or they just haven’t tried to build traffic and an audience with content marketing yet. They want to know the single biggest action they can take to start building their brand with content.

When I get this question, I always say the same thing: My #1 tip is to create a cornerstone content piece.

What the heck does this even mean? Why is cornerstone content so important? And how do you actually do it? These are questions you’ll get the answers to today!

What is cornerstone content?

Cornerstone content is a high-value, foundational piece of content that is intended to help you start building traffic and brand awareness by showing people what you can offer. Your cornerstone content should be highly relevant to your business goals – it helps you establish authority in your industry and will bring in a steady stream of site visitors who are likely to be interested, sooner or later, in the products or services you offer.

However, keep in mind that a cornerstone content piece is usually pretty top-of-funnel – that means it should be open and free (not locked behind a paywall or registration form), and you shouldn’t expect everyone who visits this content to buy something or otherwise convert. The real goal of cornerstone content is to create a positive first impression, so people get a warm, fuzzy feeling about your brand. That way, when they are ready to convert, they’re much more likely to turn to you.

The metaphor of the cornerstone comes to us from masonry. As the folks at define it, a cornerstone is:

1. a stone uniting two masonry walls at an intersection.

2. a stone representing the nominal starting place in the construction of a monumental building, usually carved with the date and laid with appropriate ceremonies.

3. something that is essential, indispensable, or basic: The cornerstone of democratic government is a free press.

4. the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed: The cornerstone of his argument was that all people are created equal.

This definition is handy because your cornerstone content should do these things too – it should support the rest of your content as you build out your website, and form an essential part of your traffic base. (You might also want to take a page from that “appropriate ceremonies” bit – more on that when we get to content promotion.)

What are the benefits of a cornerstone content piece?

Cornerstone content has a number of benefits for your business:

  • Raises your brand awareness
  • Brings in relevant site visitors
  • Builds natural links (which help the rest of your site’s SEO)
  • Establishes authority, trust, and positive brand sentiment
  • Feeds your funnel (helping you build an email list, for example)

If you’re asking me for help with content marketing, then I know you’re interested in all of these outcomes! And a cornerstone content piece is the single best Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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