The 15 Most Useful Evernote Alternatives for Notes, Screenshots and Documents

By Benjamin Brandall

Evernote is the Swiss army knife of productivity tools. It does a hell of a lot, but doesn’t do anything amazingly well. Maybe it was designed to replace your need for multiple apps by rolling them all into one, but its feature bloat makes it a pain to use, and there are many Evernote alternatives you can use instead.

We’ve already written a lot about Evernote; everything from Evernote templates to a comparison against Microsoft OneNote. In this article, I’m going to suggest worthy alternatives to Evernote in the areas of notes, screenshots, documents and bookmarking. While technically Evernote does do all of these things, there are more options out there.

Evernote alternatives for taking notes

At its core, Evernote is an app for taking notes. At least, that’s how it started.

Nowadays, the app is overloaded with all kinds of features. Scan your business card? Fire up some processor-intensive, annotated presentation? Search your notes inside the Google search engine? No thanks, to be honest.

Sometimes you just need a lightweight tool to jot down whatever is on your mind, or something angled more towards your natural workflow.

Here are some options:

Bear works best for simplicity

I’ve been a devout Bear user since the start of 2017. Honestly, I was swayed by the beautiful simplicity of the app. Especially since Evernote gets more complex with every update…

Instead of using notebooks, Bear uses nested tags. All you have to do to tag a note is to use a hashtag (like #personal) anywhere in the note’s body. If you want to tag a note with a sub-tag, just put it after a slash (#personal/shopping). No need to create or manage tags, they’re automatically created and destroyed when you use or delete them inside the notes they’re used.

This approach helps you stop using a ton of different notebooks that each have 1 note in them, and also stops you from creating extra tags that do nothing but clutter things up. You can also write in markdown, and the search supports a range of useful operators.

Turtl works best for privacy

Every popular app will eventually spawn a competitor aimed at people concerned mostly about privacy. Messenger spawned Telegram, PayPal spawned Bitcoin, and Evernote spawned Turtl.

In their words, Turtl lets you take notes, bookmark websites, and store documents for sensitive projects. To keep it extra secure (but probably quite irritating in some cases), Turtl has no lost password feature. That means that if you do ever forget your password, all of your notes are lost forever.

And, if you really are Turtl’s target user, you’ll probably want to host it on your own servers. Turtl was built so it can be self-hosted, but there is also a cloud option if you’re so inclined.

OneNote works best for handwritten notes

I’ve already written a detailed comparison of Evernote vs. OneNote (check that here), but if you just want a summary, read on. While OneNote definitely has its failings, it’s Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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