The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Sabotage Your Creative Content

By Katy French

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The path to a successful piece of creative content can be filled with plenty of hurdles. You need a great idea, the right skills to execute, and the distribution channels to send it out into the world. Plenty can go wrong. But we find it’s not always those big hurdles that really sabotage your work. It’s the little things you might overlook that can really hurt your creative content: the inefficient communication, the weak infrastructure, the simple oversights.

We’ve seen plenty of these types of mistakes over the years, and we find they can often be sourced to the same issues. To help you do things better, here are 10 mistakes to avoid in creative content creation.

1) A Weak Brief

Creative briefs can be tricky. You want enough information to give a clear sense of goals and objectives, but briefs can be all over the place. We’ve seen briefs that were practically novels and others that weren’t much more than a paragraph, neither of which help much.

2) Leaving Key People Out of the Brainstorm

A great idea is no good if it can’t be executed well within budget. A cool campaign concept is no good if it isn’t tailored for the social platform it’s meant for. That’s why you need your creative team in the room when you’re coming up with ideas.

That can mean everyone from the designer to the PR person in charge of distributing the piece. They can vet and determine whether an idea is feasible or on-goal. This is especially true when you’re working with multiple creators (e.g., a copywriter, designer, and animator).

If you leave them out, you’ll end up with a zombie piece of content that was created piecemeal—and that shows through. For more tips on coming up with better ideas, here are some ways to tap into your team’s creativity.

3) Getting Inconsistent or Disjointed Feedback from Stakeholders

Nothing will make you want to pull your hair out like a flurry of “notes” right before you’re supposed to launch a piece of creative content. You’d think it was common sense to get approval from everyone before moving into major stages of production, but we see marketers forget to do this all the time. Whether it’s a motion graphic script or an interactive wireframe, get sign-off at every stage to save yourself a major headache.

4) Not Following Design Best Practices

Sure, you can still make a pretty piece of content that dazzles your team. But true designers know it’s the little things that turn a good design into a great design. We see this problem time and time again, especially with things like data visualization or information design. (For example, a simple change to data labels or rearrangement of pie slices can greatly increase the efficacy of a data visualization.)

5) Creating Inaccurate Marketing Personas

You should already have marketing personas created so that you know if your ideas will resonate with the people you’re trying to reach.

The problem is that a lot of marketers create their personas from Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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