Tennessee Lawmakers Voting And Passing Bill To Allow ‘Hail Satan’ On License Plates Is Fake News

By Shawn Rice

Tennessee lawmakers voting and then passing a bill approving a “Hail Satan” license plate tag is fake news. There is no truth to a report claiming that the state’s lawmakers had passed a bill allowing that phrase to appear on license plates. Rather, the news was published by a satirical web site. Specifically, where did the news originate?

The Chattanooga Bystander published the article on July 6, 2017, reporting that Tennessee lawmakers had approved a bill to create a “Hail Satan” license plate tag much to the dismay of certainly Christian voters. You can read that fake news article below.

After Tennessee legislators passed a bill to allow residents to get license plates that bear the phrase “In God We Trust,” in the interest of religious diversity, other plates were made available that bear other religious phrases, including “Shalom,” “Namaste,” “Praise Jah” and “Hail Satan.”

“It’s only fair,” said State Senator Brody Printrip. “We should celebrate our diversity.”

However, The Chattanooga Bystander is an entertainment web site that publishes satirical content, according to Snopes. Thus, its content should not be believed. The fake story was also picked up and shared by other dubious web sites as shown below.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

Apart from the internet being a public utility, now I need to move to Chattanooga just to get this license plate: https://t.co/N1IXKz0pch

— Chunklet (@chunklet) July 11, 2017

“Hail Satan” License Plates Now Available in Tennessee https://t.co/POJVutDftg pic.twitter.com/gtkcnoS6HN

— NEOGAF OT (@NeoGAFOT2) July 11, 2017

“Hail Satan” License Plates Now Available in Tennesseehttps://t.co/wu3G4ygdO6

— NESbot OT (@NESbot_OT) July 11, 2017

Rather, Tennessee lawmakers have previously passed a bill allowing the phrase “In God We Trust” to appear on license plates. However, that law did not create other religious tags available, such as “Hail Satan” as mentioned in the fake news article above. The Associated Press reported on the “In God We Trust” licence plates in May 2017 as seen below.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has signed a bill creating a new Tennessee license plate design featuring the phrase “In God We Trust.”

The original version of the bill would have required the phrase to be printed on all license plates issued in the state. But after the state attorney general raised constitutional concerns, sponsors agreed to make the make the new design optional.

To further show that the above story about “Hail Satan” on license plates is fake, The Chattanooga Bystander carries a disclaimer at the bottom of the site labeling all of its content as fiction. You can see that disclaimer below.

This site is satire, fiction, and intended only for those age 18 and over. Names used in articles are fictional, unless those of public figures or entities as the subject of satire.

What did you think about the fake news about Tennessee lawmakers voting for a bill to allow “Hail Satan” on license plates? Did you believe it or see people sharing Go to the full article.

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