Tee Profit Spy is Included With Dave Guindion’s Tee Inspector Software Launch

Dave Guindon Just released Tee Inspector  T-Shirt research software responsible for generating Over $231,966.31 selling shirts with Teespring!

Here is a link to the sales page where Dave covers it all in a video:  Dave Guindon’s Tee Marketing SYSTEM

An earlier article posted at http://appliedmarketinggroup.biz/138470.html introduced the launch of Tee Inspector.

That article mentioned the an additional software program is included in the trainign:  Tee Profit Spy.

More About the Tee Profit Spy Software

  • Get instant access to the top selling Teespring campaigns in the past 24 hours, 72 hours, or 7 days
  • View DAILY sales for over 20,500 store campaigns
  • Over 612,000 records stored in our database and increasing at over 2,000 per day!
  • Instantly see which Teespring campaigns are getting the most sales for any time period!
  • Built-in search engine for all 20,500 Teespring campaigns!
  • System automatically gets data every 30 minutes!
  • New sales records are generated every 6 hours for all stored campaigns
  • Know exactly what Teespring campaigns are selling RIGHT NOW and model them for instant success
  • Search by price range, goal range, sold in past, keyword, status, and period for super-targeted search results
  • There is NO system or product on the PLANET that provides this information!

daveguindonAbout Dave Guindon…

Dave Guindon is a software engineer and internet marketing guru extraordinaire.

Dave has authored many products geared towards helping internet marketers become successful.

Dave also has created products specifically for ebay auctioneers, including Auction Yen and Hot Item Finder.

Dave always provides helpful tips and tricks so you can get ahead in the internet marketing game.

 Here the link to the sales page again: Dave Guindon’s Tee Marketing SYSTEM

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