Teacher Losing His Eye After Being ‘Seriously Injured’ by Fidget Spinner Is Fake News

By Erica Abbott


Reports that an English teacher from Ohio lost an eye after getting “seriously injured” by a fidget spinner are false. Controversy surrounding the trendy stress-relieving toy has recently spun out of control, resulting in numerous hoaxes and fake reports.

According to Snopes, the fake claim originated on the Focus Times, a disreputable news website. The article claimed that a small metal fragment detached from a high-speed fidget spinner and struck the teacher in his left eye, resulting in irreparable damage. It purported:

A 42-year old English teacher at a Columbus, OH high school has been seriously injured and lost one eye after a student’s fidget spinner broke at high speed in the classroom.

District officials have withheld the name of the school involved in the incident to protect the identity of the student, who is reportedly devastated that their fidget spinner was responsible for hurting the teacher.

According to reports by local media, the incident occurred during class and involved a group of students ‘racing’ their spinners to see who could make them spin the fastest. Based on a statement by the school district, the teacher was moving towards the group of students who had been disrupting the lesson to confiscate the spinners when the incident occurred.

There is no truth to this report. The same website published a fake story about a man being hospitalized after a fidget spinner became lodged in his anus. That, too, was false. While many fidget spinner injuries have turned out to be unfounded, a young girl from Texas did reportedly choke on a fidget spinner after one of the small metal parts got stuck in her esophagus, requiring the bearing to be surgically removed.

A number of schools across the country have banned fidget spinners from the classroom for being a distraction. The twirling toy is intended to help kids with ADHD, autism and anxiety, however, it has gained popularity among the masses and become a viral trend.

Social Media Shares Fake Story about Teacher Losing Eye After Fidget Spinner Accident

It’s all fun and games! https://t.co/t4FbEdTGPB

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Columbus, Ohio school teacher loses eye after fidget spinner breaks in classroom https://t.co/DpbPTFHvM3

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It’s all fun & games until someone loses an eye! Broken #fidgetspinners cause teacher to lose an eye #eyeinjury https://t.co/YJxnPD0Zs1

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