Talk the Talk: Marketing Vocab 101

By Shoshi Weinstein


Whether you’re an entry level marketing coordinator or a CMO, marketing lingo can feel like it’s a sea of confusing acronyms. In this blog post, we’re gonna go through the rundown of all of the marketing vocabulary you need to know to hit the ground running. In the past, the marketing dictionary was fairly simple, but with the rise of digital and inbound marketing, social media and SEO, suddenly there’s plenty of new terminology you got to know. So before you you go out there walking the marketing walk, make sure you read this so you’re talking to the marketing talk.

The big picture

So let’s get started, shall we? Let’s start with the big picture. Digital marketing? Content marketing? Social media marketing? Inbound marketing? Are these all the same? Kinda, but no.

If we zoom out, we can talk about the umbrella of digital marketing, or the marketing of products or services through technological mediums like the internet, mobile, etc. Under this umbrella, we have three categories:

  1. Owned media
  2. Paid media
  3. Earned media

Sorry if it seems like I’m adding insult to injury of your marketing lexicon, but stick with me. Owned media includes the basis of your digital marketing efforts. It’s your website, mobile site (or app), blog and social media channels. Is the content you put out for the world to see.

Paid media, is your advertising efforts. As suggested by the name, this channel shows that when done right, money talks. Using Pay Per Click (PPC), influencer marketing (we’ll get there), and paid content ads, this is the strategy used to get your name and product in front of your prospects.

Earned media is the high five you get at a crowded party that gets people’s attention. It’s the shares on social media, the name-drops and reviews in an online magazine. The result genuine hype (and/ or some good PR), earned media turns heads and gets people talking.

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Content marketing vs. Social media marketing

Aren’t these the same? Not quite. Many people might call these two the flirty soul sisters of marketing. Unlike the analytical backend side of the marketing, these two are the personable face of any company. Marketing thought leader Jay Baer once distinguished between the two as follows:

The goals of content are consumption, then behavior. The goals of social are participation, then behavior

Content Marketing reminds me of a summer camp bonfire. You have the ability through blogs and other forms of content to tell stories about your company, product, or content. Social Media Marketing is a way to engage your audience to participate in the conversation.

Third party marketers: Affiliate Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing

It’s human nature that people to trust people more than people trust brands. Enter: affiliate and influencer marketers. They can create blogs, vlogs, Tweets, and all other kinds of content that people consume, trust, and follow. By reviewing or mentioning a brand or product, they can easy create brand awareness to their niche audiences. How do they get paid? Each can use special tracked links and Go to the full article.

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