Tainted Buffet Causing ‘Severe Diarrhea Incident’ at Florida Strip Club Is Fake News

By Erica Abbott


Reports that a tainted buffet caused a “severe diarrhea incident” at a Florida strip club are false. The revolting rumor stemmed from a regional fake news website and quickly made its way around social media.

According to Snopes, the fake claim originated on the Border Herald, a disreputable website that masquerades as a genuine news source. The article claimed that after eating a free buffet consisting of chicken, ribs and shrimp, the dancers and guests at the strip club suddenly became extremely ill. It purported:

A popular strip club in Jacksonville, Florida has been closed until further notice after several dancers contracted diarrhea last Friday night. The cause of the incident, which remains under investigation, has been initially linked to a contaminated buffet at the venue. While the investigation continues, the venue has not been named.

[…] Patrons at the venue who were sitting near the stage were the most directly affected by the incident, which occurred close to 11pm. According to a witness at the venue, three dancers were performing on separate poles when the first sign of trouble emerged…”They had a hard time getting off the stage,” said one witness, who stayed to watch the aftermath of the incident. “High heels and diarrhea really don’t mix.”

There is no truth to the claims in the article. No such incident occurred in Florida or anywhere else. Other regional fake news outlets have published similarly disturbing stories—all are false.

See how social media reacted to the fake story below:

Social Media Shares Fake Story about Buffet Causing Diarrhea at Florida Strip Club

This has gotta be fake… Strip club in Jacksonville closed after several dancers contracted diarrhea https://t.co/jEyJj5ihEe #WTFNews

— Angry Man (@AngryBlkManDC) May 30, 2017

This story is absolutely insane. https://t.co/bjFzs0Gngz

— alexandra (@aliemalie) May 29, 2017

“High heels and diarrhea do not mix.” https://t.co/uFPTGwyQct

— Dana Delany (@DanaDelany) May 29, 2017

Check out our explosive new dancers! https://t.co/ZgBzaGeX0P

— Greg Renouf (@grenouf) May 30, 2017

Florida with the wildest strip club story i’ve ever heard: https://t.co/LSweYo5xuY

— FLEEKNIK (@Judnikki) May 29, 2017


— b̈́͐̐̊́͠͝͝ȁ̈́̓̅̂̓̏̄t͒ (@mzbat) May 30, 2017

Did you see the fake story about a tainted buffet causing a “severe diarrhea incident” at a Florida strip club circulating social media? Do you know anyone who was fooled by the fake story? Sound off in the comments section below!

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