SYLTBAR Review: Sparkling Rosé And Premium Prosecco Offer Great Flavor For Multiple Occasions

By Shawn Rice

Sometimes you want to have a great morning or kick off a classy party. To do so, you might want to use premium sparkling wine. In these situations, consider SYLTBAR, a premium sparkling wine made in Friuli, Italy. SYLTBAR is one of the only few recognized in the niche market of low-calorie, and low-sugar spirits/wines. And, it tastes great. SYLTBAR works tirelessly to improve the quality and taste of all their products and it shows.

SYLTBAR Premium Prosecco serves great when you want to pop open a bottle for a delicious taste of the trendy beach lifestyle of the island, Sylt. You will immediately enjoy the tantalizing bubbles with a refreshing finish. Each sip, you will imagine yourself being transported to memories of sandy beaches, light sea spray, and rolling waves. Or you might be one of those lucky wine drinkers who are enjoying the Premium Prosecco at the beach at that exact moment.

Premium Prosecco’s delicious drops are captured in their uniquely branded bottle. There is no need to wait for a special occasion when you can enjoy this sparkling prosecco whenever you desire. At only 49 calories per glass, health-minded people should be able to appreciate the Premium Prosecco, which is naturally produced sparkling prosecco by San Simone in Italy.

As you sip your bottle of Premium Prosecco, you will notice flavors of pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon. The bubbles are delightful, well-balanced, clean, clear, crisp and refreshing. You should definitely consider mixing with orange juice for mimosas in the morning. SYLTBAR recommends a white wine glass to enhance the flavor for heightened enjoyment. Try it as an aperitivo or during dinner, paired with seafood.

SYLTBAR’s Sparkling Rosé are perfect for celebrations where they make the tastings so much sweeter. This sparkling rosé is housed in a clear glass bottle, which makes it hard to miss the irresistible gorgeous powder rose hue. Why does the sparkling rosé have such a robust and round flavor? Because it is make with 100 percent Merlot grapes that ensure the deliciousness in every sip until the last drop. Rosé wine and food pairings are a natural for the warm summer months.

There is no added sugar, sulfates, or color to this sparkling rosé. Rather, it is all natural and vegan, and, again for health-minded individuals, it is only 63 calories by the glass.

Some things you will notice as you enjoy this sparkling rosé are the elegant, complex, and fruity flavors. These flavors are then accompanied by a delicate aroma of citrus fruits and lychees. Rosés are seductively fun, drinkable wines that are versatile enough to go with a light deck lunch to a knock-out main salon dinner combo.

It is certainly a delightful and well-balanced sparkling rosé that has a light pink, Go to the full article.

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