Summer Marketing Guide: 6 Ways to Drive More Sales this Summer

By Grant Thomas

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Summer has arrived which has us all excited! Who doesn’t enjoy beautiful weather, the outdoors and that sweet smell of sunscreen? Actually, some of you reading this may not be looking forward to summer as much as the rest of us. The summer months are notoriously known for being the slowest sales months for e-commerce retailers.

Demand for online shopping tends to decrease during the summer months due to purchasing trends, vacations, and the fact that there is a lot more to do during the summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the summer months.

In this summer marketing guide, we’ll cover 6 different ways that you can increase seasonal sales.

1. Know Your Key Sales Dates

We’ll start with the obvious. Major sales dates should be a focus throughout the year but especially during the summer. Here are the 4 holidays that you should focus on with your summer marketing strategy.

Father’s Day – June 18

While it doesn’t quite boast the sales numbers of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day has quickly become a big ecommerce sales date. Dads can be hard to buy for which means there’s a huge opportunity to provide gift ideas and influence shoppers to purchase these goods from you.

Create buying guides and Father’s Day focused collections. By showcasing all potential gifts for dad in one place, you ensure that shoppers will be focusing on purchasing instead of having to take the extra step of searching. Every successful online retailer is providing their shoppers with goods in the proper context which leads to an easier conversion path.

Promotions and helpful website messaging are also going to help you make more sales. Consider offering a good discount (15% off works well) but free shipping, if you can offer it, is going to be your most effective sales driver. Be sure to present correct info on ship dates. This is a time-sensitive holiday and people need their orders on time. By presenting this information clearly, you can eliminate doubt and therefore, convert the sale.


Excellent seasonal messaging for Libratone. This pop up promotion displays contextual messaging to the time of year along with information on special pricing.

Independence Day (USA) – July 4

Fourth of July may be an American holiday but international retailers can still hop on this key sales date. Summer sales may be slow but Americans get pumped over 4th of July. If you sell anything relating to America, you need to amplify these products via email, social, and of course, on your website.

Put together 4th of July collections and if you don’t have anything that specifically relates to America, use this opportunity to have a summer sale or bring the focus to other goods. BBQ related goods, coolers, sporting goods, and summer apparel can all be part of your 4th of July/summer sale.

Labor Day (USA) – September 4

Labor Day typically marks the end of summer and the beginning of school. This opens things up for an end of the season clearance sale and back-to school sales. Go to the full article.

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