Successful Delivery – Email Marketing Explained

By Rachel Hand

Email marketing is key to any successful marketing strategy and here’s why:

Email has stood the test of time and throughout the last decade or so there has been much debate about the effectiveness of email marketing. Customers were being bombarded by hundreds of emails a day from businesses wanting a cheap and easy form of marketing. However, email marketing has “come through the other side” and is now considered highly effective and relevant when used as part of a full digital marketing campaign.

Reaching Your Audience.

With over 4.9 billion email addresses registered in 2017, it is hard to believe that email isn’t the best form of communication. This sort of figure might be surprising to some people, but think about it, how many times do you register your email address online? Almost every Ecommerce site requires you to sign in, social networks need one to set up your account and there are even pop ups to enter your email details on simple blog sites. Your potential audience isn’t capped, in fact it is effectively unlimited.

Delivering The Message.

90% of all emails sent are successfully delivered to the customer’s inbox. So even if you have a small contact list with 1000 people on it, you know that at least 900 potential customers have the choice to view your email. The average open rate as of 2016 was 25%, that means that at least 225 customers will be exposed to your products/services. This is also a great way to communicate as 225 people want to see your information, meaning these 225 customers have already been warmed up for the sale.

Powerful Conversions.

Email is a powerful communication tool. Without physically calling up a customer or visiting them face-to-face, the only other way of communication 1-to-1 is via Enewsletters, as this is non-invasive way of updating your audience. It provides them with the direct information to act upon if it is appealing. This also makes it easier to track conversion as email marketing is a great way to drive traffic, via CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons, to your website. You can then use your analytics and reports to discover who is interested in your products/services.

High ROI.

Reports have suggested that email marketing can yield as much as 3,800% ROI (Return-On-Investment) for businesses. This is not a figure to ignore, but it does allow us to answer the question of ‘why is it so effective’? Enewsletters are highly personalized and are supplying the customer with relevant information. If the customer has been thinking about buying and the email comes at the perfect time, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Preferred Channel.

Whilst other channels are also effective, email marketing has proved the most professional marketing medium. When checking emails, customers expect to see information about business’s products/services, warming them up for the sale before they have even seen the information. Research even suggests that 72% of adults prefer to be contacted by via email.

So, can you afford not to use email marketing within your marketing strategy? We Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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