Stop Letting These 4 Sales Excuses Hold You Back

By Matt Stevens

If you’re looking for one of the most rewarding careers in the world, professional sales may be for you. The ability to determine your own worth through hard work, self-sacrifice and consistent effort nearly always pays off for those who walk this rugged road. But earning a living in sales isn’t a Sunday stroll either – far from it. In fact, many would argue that it’s right up there as one of the most stressful and demanding occupations in existence.

In some cases, sales success is black and white. You’re either cut out for its rigors, or you’re not. However, unlike professional athletes or musicians (who are often born with a certain level of pure natural ability), there has never been a natural born salesperson. Selling is an art form nurtured over character building experiences and social skillset development. You don’t need to be seven feet tall with cat like reflexes, have an arm like a cannon, or blessed with the voice of an angel to succeed in the sales universe.

Excelling in sales requires two primary attributes: a can-do attitude and major self-discipline. The confidence and killer phone game will come in time. But due to the “trial and error” nature of some sales lessons, all too often some well-worn excuses can creep into the minds of the modern sales pro. And it’s these excuses that frequently hold those pros back from their true sales potential.

The four common excuses below are excuses I have been guilty of making during my sales career. But the good news is each one of them is very beatable – and I’d like to show you how to do it.

Excuse #1: “I can’t reach the decision-maker”

Generating new business leads is the fuel for every sales team’s engine in the world. And the only thing more difficult (and frustrating!) than persuading a high priority prospect to take a “next steps” meeting is……getting them on the phone in the first place. These big fish prospects love to make it known that they have a million better things to do than spend two quick minutes talking to you. This is why these decision-makers delegate fending off sales wolves to their trusted administrative personnel. If you’re like many early-stage sales pros, it’s easy to lose hope of ever reaching the head honcho when you’re constantly blocked by tough gatekeepers.

An article from the Entrepreneur Middle East, The Six Worst Sales Excuses You’ll Ever Hear by Karl Hougaard, paints the picture quite nicely with respect to how many people in business development roles call it quits after the first or second outreach. Hougaard references insight from marketing guru and founder of Marketing Wizdom, Robert Clay. Clay states that 44% of salespeople give up after one negative response, 22% after two negative responses, 14% after three, and 12% after four. The statistic that might be the most eye-opening, though, was that 80% of prospects say no four times before agreeing to a sale.

If you apply that knowledge to your approach Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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