Stone Cold Steve Austin Reveals Which Broken Skull Challenge Brock Lesnar Would Excel At

By Shawn Rice

Stone Cold Steve Austin dominated the WWE ring and now he is mentoring those on his reality competition show, Broken Skull Challenge, on CMT. Austin recently spoke about which WWE stars would do well in which challenges on his show.

He had some surprising feedback about Cesaro and Seth Rollins. Most specifically, the Texas Rattlesnake talked about his friend, Brock Lesnar, and how he would do.

Austin spoke with Scott Fishman for TV Insider while promoting the new season of his Broken Skull Challenge show on CMT. Here are some highlights from that interview.

On differences in playing a character compared to hosting:

“Being ‘Stone Cold’ was a lot of fun. That was a guy who was in his element talking a lot of trash…That was the business of pro wrestling. It was entertaining, but I was a pro wrestler. You have to remember it’s been 14 years since I was doing that job.

“These days when I wake up, I am Steve Austin, period…Here, I never want to be a blowhard. I don’t want to trash-talk them, belittle or demean anybody. Our job is to bring these athletes, who are some of the best in the United States, and give them a fair platform. That’s the guy I try to be.”O

On which challenge he would excel at and level of competition on the show:

“Don’t put me on Heartbreak Hill. I’ll have to put on my leg braces. It would be fun to get down in that trench. Trench Warfare is one of my favorite challenges out here because you go head-to-head with another human being. I’ve seen people slide by each other and turn it into a foot race…if I’m going against you in that trench, I’m going to stomp your ass.

“You have to dig deep here if you want to make it through. I was talking to Vince [Cariati, the show’s executive producer] the other day. We were talking about how our model is we bring eight great athletes here, and your chances of success are really slim because seven are going home and only one gets to take on that Skullbuster. We make it as tough as possible on every one of those people. We give them a fair shot, but we make it tough. That’s the way we want it.”

On which WWE stars he thinks would do well on the show:

“Cesaro, because of his strength endeavors. He is a workout freak and physical phenomenon. I know Seth Rollins is in the CrossFit as well, but I’ll say those two names and stop right there, because it would be a really short list. Now Brock [Lesnar] would do great in The Pit, though. He would do good in the brackets and The Pit. But put him in the Skullbuster—and Brock is a very good friend of mine—but he wouldn’t do great on that because it would chew him up and spit him out.”

Broken Skull Challenge returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, September 26th on CMT.

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