Social Media Travel Tips

By Sue Reynolds

Hydra Greece.jpg

Hydra, Greece

I live my life in social media, so when I’m off duty and traveling I go through the same argument in my head.

How much should I share?

There’s the school of thought that says, don’t brag about your vacations on social. You know the cliche – bare feet on the sand on Instagram.


On the beach in Truro, Greece in March 2015. Too cold for bare feet but you get the idea.

But then, I have people tell me how much they enjoy my photos and how they feel like they’ve been on vacation with me. After years of traveling and arguably, oversharing, I’m now getting genuine requests for things my friends want to see. Under my initial post on a recent trip to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, I received the following request:

On this trip, I’d like to go to the Concentration Camps, see where the Berlin Wall used to be… And any other cool places you find along the way! Thanks! – Lisa

So yes, I obliged with photos from Gateau Concentration Camp, a section of the Berlin Wall and a sunlit trip to the Alps and Austria.


The gates of Gateau read: Work is the path to freedom.

Social media and travel go together, and not just for those photos of feet in the sand.

Berlin Wall.jpg

A section of the Berlin Wall in Nuremberg, Germany

After years of traveling and sharing, here’s what I’ve learned about social media and travel.


This is my most used platform when I travel. It’s easy to get carried away and post all day about the exciting things you’re seeing, but I find it best to use my time at the end of the day, and the hotel wifi (when abroad I don’t pay for an international service) to reflect on what I what I want to share, then post an album of the day’s photos with a detailed explanation of what I learned along the way. The fact that I don’t have international service is deliberate, in that I don’t want to have my face in my phone all day. Instead, I want to absorb what I’m experiencing, and then reflect in the hotel over a glass of wine about the day’s events. I use these posts on Facebook as a journal and it’s fun when Facebook, years later, shows me “this day four years ago” in my feed.

If you do have an international service plan you could also do the following:

Go live – stream whatever you are seeing and hearing directly into your friends’ feeds. That wonderful aria in Florence, Italy. Broadcast it. My son and I came up on this in 2016 while strolling the streets of Florence. I have no words.

Use events – if you have free time, use Facebook Go to the full article.

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