Social Channel Security Risks and Ways to Deal With Them

By Ernest Thompson

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Your social media channels have security risks which you must deal with. As a communicator, you’re probably not thinking too hard about what can leak out of your social media. In order to be responsible you must attempt to plug up these leaks so that the people you are communicating with continue to trust you.

I’m going to look at these risks and to give you the tools to minimize them. You may never eliminate them 100%, but you can get very close if you follow all of the points below.

Stopping brute force hacks

Brute force hacks are when hackers use password cracking tools. These tools guess thousands of passwords per second until they find the correct one. Commonly, they will use known passwords from previous hacks, as well as combinations of common words.

They will use these to crack the password for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels. The way that you are going to stop them is by using strong passwords. To give you an idea, here are some tips for creating strong passwords:

  • Use upper and lowercase letters
  • Use numbers and symbols
  • Stop using words and instead use phrases

Do not pick and choose from the list above, use all three tips each time you create a password.

Stopping multiple account hacks

A frequent issue is a hacker will get hold of one of your passwords on another account, perhaps an older one that you no longer use. They will then use this password across all of your other accounts until they get a match.

You are going to stop hackers by using a different password for every account. If they get access to one password, they only get access to that one account. Remembering all of these passwords doesn’t like fun, does it? Fortunately, you can use one of these password management tools to help you create and store all of these passwords:

Each one that will work with one master password that will unlock all of your other passwords. Your other passwords are stored in an encrypted storage space so that hackers cannot access them.

Protecting your remote employees

When we are talking about social media we are talking about something that does not just happen in the office. People frequently go out into the world to report on things in your industry and broadcast your events.

This leads to risks when they connect to public Wi-Fi. Hackers will frequently set up man in the middle attacks where they create their own Wi-Fi network and then eavesdrop on it. The way that you are going to stop this is with encryption.

The easiest way to get encryption is with a VPN such as IPVanishVPN. Here is how it will work:

  • Your employee well prepare the social media content they want to share from a remote location.
  • The employee will connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Immediately upon connecting the employee will connect to their VPN. This will Go to the full article.

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