Since when can webinar software do ALL this?

I raised that question and will raise you again (poker reference) with the answer delivered by this offbeat, yet amazingly dead-on, video WJ VIDEO

Remember the old days? The really old days? When dinosaurs roamed the earth? OK, not that old …

But old enough when webinar software only delivered a slide presentation? From one presenter you never saw on camera? Where, more often than not, the presentation reminded you of bad cell coverage (think “you’re breaking up”) because of listening through a tin-can audio delivery?

So, why are those old days still around, TODAY?

And why do businesses like yours pay for out-of-date, clunky software, anyway?

Screw that noise!

Enter the all new WebinarJam. Exit headaches, outrageous fees and lower conversions.

Listen, I get it. Software runs our businesses. That includes marketing, operations, financials, communications. I even use software to improve focus by telling me when to work, and when to take a break.

Some even use software to shut them out of sites (like Facebook) during working hours.

So, how do you decide which software ultimately makes the cut?

Try making the distinction between a “nice to have” and a “must have.”

Usually, a webinar hosting platform is a “nice to have” software. You don’t NEED to host webinars to run your business… but since live events are the most effective way to promote your products and services… it’s a “must have” for any business that wants to be successful.

But only the RIGHT webinar software reaches the elevation to “Must Have”.


WebinarJam delivers a FAR more engaging and enrolling platform. Presenting like you’ve never presented before with up to 6 on-screen presenters at once. (Yup, just like on Cable TV News.)

The robust feature set of the all new WebinarJam compares to actual broadcast studio capabilities.

Especially with the ability to flawlessly insert multiple pre-recorded videos, whiteboard to your heart’s content, and much more.

What can you do with this technology? What can’t you do is a better question. WebinarJam‘s abundant tools mean your presentation is limited only by your imagination.

That’s why if I could only pick one software to buy for the entire year, it would be WebinarJam.

WebinarJam’s webinar software technology is unrivaled for both marketing features (like email autoresponders, SMS messaging, password protected webinars) as well as live event features (such as 6 High def presenters on screen at once, seamless playing of pre-recorded video, slides loaded into the cloud, file sharing, whiteboard options and more.) You gotta see it in action:WJ VIDEO

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