Should You Write Long Form Blog Posts? Analyzing the Debate

By Annaliese Henwood

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There’s been this debate going around about whether long form blog posts are necessary for your content’s success. Both sides have valid points, so how do you choose?

Some say you need to create long form articles to see your content rank higher by search engines. Others say people won’t read longer posts, so they wonder why they would waste that much effort.

After this, you’ll know how to make a decision about whether writing longer content is right for you.

The Rewards (Pros) of Writing Long Form Blog Posts

Let’s go over what you can actually achieve by writing longer articles. These are two big reasons why long form blog posts can potentially benefit you.

Search Engine Ranking

Longer articles typically rank higher because of their detailed and informative nature.*

Search engines don’t look at word count itself when choosing an article’s ranking. They do look at how beneficial your content is…

Give readers a complete understanding of the topic.

It’s not enough to write a simple definition and that’s it. Don’t neglect providing actionable insights and instructions. When people come to your article, they expect to do more than learn. They want to know how to apply what they learned.

Answer what people ask when they use search engines.

With search engines getting smarter about answering queries, people are inquiring in a more casual, natural way. They aren’t just adding a couple keywords. Instead of writing “long form blog posts,” they’re more likely to write “what is the ideal length of a blog post.”

If you want to rank for a specific topic, you need to write with this new search behavior in mind. It’s no longer about adding keywords. It’s about providing an answer to a specific question people are asking.

* Sometimes, a shorter article will rank high if it’s from a reputable source or if it gets a large number of backlinks. Also, If a blog gets a large amount of traffic to a shorter post, that article might rank higher than some of their longer but less popular posts.

Thought Leadership

Longer blog posts can also help with your quest to become a thought leader. People will see that you are knowledgeable and reliable. They’ll see that you care about helping others in the industry, and you’ll show you’re offering more than just sales pitches.

With all that you offer, you’ll build an audience that relies on your expertise. Shorter blog posts can be helpful at times. However, longer articles give you the opportunity to truly explain the topic enough for readers to do something with the information.

The rewards of writing long form blog posts

The Risks (Cons) of Writing Long Form Blog Posts

Now that you know the pros of long form blog posts, it’s time to look at the cons. As with almost everything in life, you have the benefits and the consequences. These are the risks to writing longer articles.

Poor Writing Quality

Forcing an increased word count simply to make your blog post longer will Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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