Should You ‘Pivot to Video’? Pros & Cons of Video Content Marketing

By Dan Shewan

Should you pivot to video pros and cons of video content marketing

Trends in digital media come and go, but recently, one of the more noticeable trends in digital media has been the gradual shift in emphasis toward video content.

From major mainstream outlets like Mashable, MTV News, and Vice to smaller operations, more and more publishers are “pivoting to video” from text-based content. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at why some publishers are betting big on video, as well as examining the pros and cons of video content marketing, with examples of video content that can perform strongly.

Before we begin, we need to take a look at how we ended up here.

Why Are So Many Media Companies Pivoting to Video?

The most prevalent theory about the “pivot to video” trend is that it’s merely a response to changing media consumption habits.

The theory is that more and more people are shying away from actually reading written words (so much hassle!) in favor of watching more video content.

Video content marketing growth in media industry hires pivot to video

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There is evidence that video is being perceived differently. In a recent study, video analytics software company Vidyard found that many marketers are seeing video as a much more important element in their wider content strategies:

Video content marketing changing importance of video as content

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However, some people think the reason for the shift is that video ads are harder to ignore than banner ads.

A third theory gaining traction is that pivoting to video is a ploy to curry favor with Facebook. Some see the emerging trend of shifting toward more video content as aligning with Facebook’s own stated goal of publishing more video content – and it’s a compelling theory.

“Facebook really, really wants native videos—which is to say, videos viewed on the Facebook platform—to take off,” John West wrote in a recent article on the trend for Quartz. “And publishers know an edict when they hear one.”

Why Should Marketers Care About What Big Media Companies Do?

Major media companies exert tremendous influence; not only over what people buy, but how people behave. Content marketing as a discipline may have grown from the world of SEO, but today, trends in B2B content are often strongly influenced and shaped by mainstream media consumption habits. If major media brands say that video is The Future, you can bet your last dollar that marketers won’t take long to follow suit.

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It’s the same principle that we saw in written content a few years ago. As newspapers and magazines shifted their focus from shorter, shallower content to longer, reported features and long-form articles, it didn’t take long before marketers and B2B companies also began to pay more attention to long-form. Similarly, as professional video has proliferated across the web, more and more marketers are prioritizing video content.

The Pros of Video Content Marketing

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