Should You Outsource Content Marketing?

By Tom Kuder

Small business owner dilemma

When it comes to promoting your business, should you do it yourself (DIY) or outsource? That’s a question almost every small business owner faces.

For some promotional tasks the DIY answer is usually a pretty clear choice, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur. Consider these examples:

  • Sales
  • Networking
  • Customer meetings
  • Product evangelism

Most small business owners would likely do these critical business-building activities themselves rather than outsource them. But should this hold true for content marketing?

Content marketing as a promotion strategy

I’m a strong advocate of content marketing as a vital promotional strategy for the small business owner because:

  • It aligns your business with the reality of buyer behavior
  • It helps you focus on your niche, solution and messages
  • It’s adaptable to a variety of revenue models
  • It benefits your business in many practical ways, from establishing thought leadership to generating leads

But because content marketing is a multi-faceted and comprehensive business discipline, the DIY option may not always be your best choice.

Let’s look at some of the tradeoffs.

Be yourself, but don’t sell yourself short

Most small business owners are DIYers by nature. Does this describe you?

You started your business because you figured you could do something better yourself.

You operate your business by wearing many hats: owner, marketer, developer, salesperson.

You prefer to do things yourself which is good because you don’t have a lot of staff or budget.

If so, content marketing can be the perfect match for your DIY tendencies. It reflects who you are, gets you close to your customers and gives you a direct hand in how your business is portrayed.

But the downside of going it alone in marketing is that your business can look small and unprofessional. That look won’t help you compete.

To avoid limiting yourself you may want to outsource those aspects of content marketing that can improve your business’s image even when you’re a staff of one.

Good candidates to outsource to avoid looking small include branding, web design, content design, and image selection (unless you’re a designer yourself). You may also find it helpful to outsource some of your content automation so that viewers get an immediate, consistent response – just like the big guys.

Spend less, but don’t slow your business down

When you’re starting out as a small business owner, money is always tight. You know you need to market your business but you’ve got to do it as cost-effectively as you possibly can.

Content marketing is a good choice. A lot of its tactics can be launched with little or no budget, as outlined in this article by Jayson DeMers.

In fact, content marketing can be incredibly affordable when compared to advertising, trade shows and other “traditional” marketing techniques. If you can write, do Internet searches, download a few graphics and publish on social sites you can start a content marketing campaign with almost zero cash.

But that low cost comes with a price: it can take a very long time for organic (free) content to generate results that drive your business forward. Unless you stumble upon some magic viral formula it may be weeks, Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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