Shark Tank: Modern Christmas Tree Accepts $100,000 Offer from Barbara Corcoran

By Erica Abbott

Modern Christmas Tree

Last into the tank is Matt Bliss of Modern Christmas Tree, seeking $100,000 for 10 percent equity.

Modern Christmas Tree puts a contemporary twist on the classic artificial Christmas tree. “In addition to its unique design, The Modern Christmas Tree was built with function in mind,” according to their website. “Not only is the tree easy to setup and takedown, but it is the only artificial tree that is collapsible.” The trees, which range from $99 to $799, include a sparkling hanging tree that comes decorated with globes and chandelier crystals, a glittering wall tree and a festive table-top option.

This year, they are projected to do more than $380,000 in sales. The sharks worry that the hanging tree is a bit pricey at $799. Kevin O’Leary views it as a very premium, niche product.

Mark Cuban thinks it’s “beautiful” but worries about how the business would be scaled. He goes out, followed by Robert Herjavec. O’Leary then goes out. Lori Greiner agrees that it’s unique and visually appealing, but doesn’t like the price point. She goes out as well.

Barbara Corcoran also dislikes certain aspects, but offers $100,000 for 25 percent with a $5 royalty until her investment is repaid. She thinks it’s “fresh and different.” O’Leary then jumps in with the same offer as Corcoran, but for 20 percent. Corcoran then changes her offer to match O’Leary’s. She updates it again for 19 percent, but wants an answer immediately. He counters her at 15, which she then brings up to 18 percent. Bliss ultimately accepts Corcoran’s offer.

Social Media Reacts to Modern Christmas Tree’s Appearance on “Shark Tank”

Love the tree, until he said the price. $800? No way. #SharkTank

— Amber (@NYCdeb8tr) December 4, 2017

I guess I’m just an old soul, but I believe in an authentic Christmas tree when I’m getting ready for Christmas. And that would make it a tough sell for a lot of people. I get this guy’s passion, but it wouldn’t be for me. #SharkTank

— Andrew Collet (@AndrewCollet) December 4, 2017

I am checking out the price of the smaller ones. It might look good in my office. @jubileetrees #SharkTank

— Ryan Bartholomee (@RyanBartholomee) December 4, 2017

The modernist in me loves this Christmas tree. #SharkTank

— Power Moves & Pumps (@powermovespumps) December 4, 2017

My neighbor had a yarn tree similar to @jubileetrees decades ago. A little bit retro, a little bit modern, and a lot a bit gorgeous! #SharkTank

— Jamie Naragon (@mashjaja) December 4, 2017

Interesting. @jubileetrees could very well be the future of Christmas trees. #SharkTank

— Korbid Thompson (@KorbidThompson) December 4, 2017

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