SEO Hypergrowth: How to 8x Your Organic Traffic with These 3 Power Hacks

By Tom Casano

SEO can be painful… Very painful.

In 2013, I started executing SEO for a website called The goal? To generate leads for life coaches who want more paying clients.

Just publish a ton of blog posts and we’re all set, right? “Build it and they will come.”

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

We launched the site with 50 well-written blog posts, which was no small feat…but the result?

Zero traffic.

How to Achieve Zero Impact SEO Results

The complexity, depth, and multi-disciplinary nature of SEO makes it seemingly impossible to succeed. Google’s algorithm is a mysterious and well-guarded blackbox. Confusion ensues.

When I was working on SEO for Life Coach Spotter, I read and followed everything Rand Fishkin and other SEO gurus advised.

Props to Rand, I love him to death and his advice is top-notch.

However, 90% of the SEO tactics and tips I’d learned just didn’t move the needle.

I experienced the pain of non-stop hustle with nothing to show for it first-hand. I received garbage advice like:

  • use keywords in your image alt text
  • watch the ratio of follow to nofollow backlinks
  • be mindful of the ratio of text to HTML
  • optimize your image file names

These factors have zero impact on SEO. Ignore them at all costs if you care about growth.

When you’re focusing on growth and hacking your way to success, you ain’t got time for things that don’t work.

But when you’re clueless ‒ you’ll test out anything and quickly start to learn everything that doesn’t work; a process of elimination.

I tested out dozens of strategies.

Beautiful ideas like broken link-building, guest posting, and far worse tactics like link-building on forums and blog comments.

These well-known, don’t-move-the-needle tactics are your worst possible SEO investment. Stay far away from them.

So what actually moves the needle on your SEO?

From 0 to 20,000 Organic Search Visitors/Month

I knew I was onto something when I saw a 381% increase in overall organic traffic over a 5 month period. This came much later, in 2016, after I had already spent the first 3 years executing everything else that didn’t move the needle.

During this 5-month time period ‒ of a 4x increase in organic search traffic ‒ I tested over 8 ideas, but I ultimately attribute these results to only 2 things:

  1. well-optimized comprehensive content guides
  2. link-earning campaigns like this infographic (which is always predicated on outreach)

Here’s a snapshot of what that content creation campaign looks like:

73,647 Words of Optimized, Targeted SEO Content

But wait, it gets better.

Right after that, I tested out a new .edu link-building strategy. It’s called “The Scholarship Strategy” and it has been lovingly documented here.

The results?

Another 538% Increase in Organic Traffic in Just Two Months

That’s a 538% increase after the 381% increase.

In May of 2016, the site’s organic search traffic was 2,147 for the month.

By March of 2017, it was 20,273 for the month.

An 844% increase in organic search traffic.

A substantial breakthrough from the previous 3 years.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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