Say Goodbye To These Age-Old Optimization Tactics

By Al Gomez

Say Goodbye To These Age-Old Optimization Tactics

Over time, we have experienced a lot of changes in the world of digital marketing, especially in search engine optimization. We have to accept the fact that it is no longer an easy-peasy job for us.

But we couldn’t blame search engines for making it hard for us. More than other people, we, marketers, know that change is an essential factor to address the changing user’s need. Search engines giants roll out updates, one after the other, to make web searching more accurate, safe and secure.

So don’t be surprised to know that some age-old optimization tactics may no longer be as effective as it was before. It’s about time to check on your list and ditch the strategies that don’t deliver results anymore.

Here are some of them.

The More Links The Better

Way back years ago, digital marketers build as many links as they can to get higher rankings. Most of us are guilty of creating hundreds of links without even thinking about how the linking domain is related to the landing page.

But this was years ago… even before the release of Penguin 2.0 which shook up the world of SEO. These days, while link building is still considered as one of the important factors for search rankings, the way to do it to get into the top results has totally changed.

Think Of Quality Over Quantity

Seriously, if you keep on building links without analyzing them first, you see your website penalized rather than getting the top spot. It is now time to focus on building relevant and quality links. Quality links may come from different sources like from highly authoritative editorial sites and industry or influencers’ websites.

Create backlinks from other highly authoritative and reputable websites with quality contents. Optimization is no longer about the number of links you build anymore. It is better to build few high-quality links from reputable sources than building hundreds of links from poor, second-rate websites.

Use Of Keywords For Every 100 Words Or So

I’m pretty much sure you came across some content analysis tools that tell you that you are not using your keywords enough. But if following the suggestion means you need to compromise the quality of your content, you are better off without it.

Content analysis for optimization

How Is It Today?

Google and other search engines are getting smarter and smarter. The number of times you mentioned your keyword within your content is unnecessary for content optimization.

Google are smart enough to analyze your content based on context and other on-page factors. Through LSI or latent semantic indexing, Google still understands your content even if you just retain the minimum amount of exact match keyword.

It is enough that you place your keyword in your Meta descriptions, titles, on-page linking URL and just a few mentions within your content. Unless you want to commit an SEO suicide, keyword stuffing cannot take your website anywhere but down.

Overdoing Internal Linking

Keyword stuffing is not the only cause of over-optimization. One of the many culprits of over-optimization is when you overdo Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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