Saltwater Crocodile Captured After Killing 2 People In Connecticut Is A Hoax

By Erica Abbott

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Reports that a saltwater crocodile was discovered and captured in the Lond Island Sound in Connecticut are false. The hoax story stemmed from a well-known prank news website.

According to Snopes, the fake claim originated on Channel23News, a prank news website. The article claimed that a 21-foot crocodile, one of the largest to ever be spotted in the Bridgeport waters, was captured after killing two people and attacking several others. It purported:

Caught alive after a three-week hunt, a 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) saltwater crocodile—the biggest crocodile ever caught in the waters of Connecticut —was restrained on Thursday June 22, according to the Associated Press.

The 2,369-pound (1,075-kilogram) crocodile is suspected of attacking several people and killing two. The animal, named Salty survived capture and is being held in a temporary enclosure in the Herman Issacs, Co.

The report, however, is not real. Channel23News allows users to create pranks and share them on social media to trick their friends. The stories, which often contain clickbait headlines, are often widely circulated beyond one person’s group of friends—resulting in viral internet pranks.

The website, which clearly displays “You’ve Been Pranked!” and “You Got Owned!” messages throughout the article, states in their disclaimer:

We do NOT support FAKE NEWS!!! This is a Prank website that is intended for Fun. Bullying, Violent Threats or posts that Violate Public Order are NOT permitted on this Website.

The photo of the crocodile used in the prank story actually shows a 12-foot crocodile that was spotted in Australia in 2014. Many joked that the giant crocodile was simply surfing.

Here are some examples of people sharing the prank on social media:

Social Media Shares Internet Prank about Captured Crocodile

Sharks and now crocs…. another reason to love big lakes.

— ed walsh (@ebw1957) June 26, 2017

Amazing if this is true. I wonder what the circumstances were behind how this animal got to New York?

— Timothy Maguire (@MaguireTimothy) June 26, 2017


— Renee Lynn (@tansbyreneelynn) June 25, 2017

Saltwater Crocodile Captured in Long Island Sound near Bridgeport via @Channel 23 News


— Anthony Buffo (@native_gator69) June 23, 2017

What the actual hell?!

— Amy McMullen (@AmyMMcMullen) June 23, 2017

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