Sales Process Steps for Agencies to Follow

By Josh Slone

sales process steps

Getting customers for your clients is something you’re good at. Consistently acquiring clients yourself can be challenging when you are focused on client work, not to mention you don’t have your sales process steps defined.

You may have noticed that businesses in your funnel seem to dance around and it looks like leads aren’t going in a very clear pattern.

It’s because they’re not.

No, the problem isn’t (necessarily) your content or the leads.

Nowadays, people like to simmer on things for a while. Go back and forth, download several resources, and move around until they are extremely comfortable.

But that doesn’t help your marketing agency grow.

To get around this issue, you have to provoke leads in your pipeline down the path toward sales—starting from the very beginning with clearly defined sales process steps.

We’re going to go over these sales process steps in four different stages:

  1. Connect: Finding the right leads and getting them to respond.
  2. Qualify: Making sure they’re in the right place and the right time.
  3. Close: Getting them to say yes to your stuff.
  4. Deliver: Having a process to continue the relationship.

Sales Process Step 1: Connect

sales process steps

Connecting is all about getting the right people who either don’t know you at all or know you a little bit to speak with you (or a rep).

There are two ways to do this—prospect cold leads (outbound and/or inbound).

I know it seems like we’re biased, but we really do love both. Our specialty is helping people warm up cold leads via email, but we also publish a ton of long-form content, resources, and have some decent-sized inbound-esque plans for the future.

Try not to judge a company by its logo ?

Too many people are either one or the other. But the growth that can be achieved through a combined strategy is mind-boggling.

So, if you’re all inbound and haven’t considered outbound—it could be why you want to read this post.

That said, we are going to be concentrating on outbound sales.

Connecting starts with you, not picking up the phone. We’re not firmly in the “cold calling isn’t dead” side of that battle, but you have to define it right for it to work. There are plenty of ways to generate leads without cold calling .

Inbound usually attracts via resources, blogs, etc. Then, reps look at personas to make sure they are a good fit. Outbound starts with the ideal buyer in mind before your leads even know you’re coming.

Targeting the leads you’d like to become clients can dramatically hone your marketing resources while simultaneously reducing the sales cycle.

We’ve written a post about this here, but here are the quick tips for picking your favorite leads:

  • Look at Your (current) Clients: Before you send your first ever cold email, you’ll need an idea of who you’re going after. The best way to find them is by looking at your current client roster. Who’s your favorite type of account? Why? What do they all have in common (e.g. revenue, number of employees, industry)? Use that to Go to the full article.

    Source:: Business 2 Community

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