Reviving Your Old Blog Posts (Part 4) – It’s Time to Monetize

By Karen Repoli

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I’m continuing my series “Reviving Your Old Blog Posts.” In this edition, we’ll be talking about how to monetize your content. Links to the previous steps are at the end of this post.

Now we get to the fun part. Before we worry about prettying things up, let’s make sure this refreshed content will make us money. Ideally, each post and page on your website should serve a purpose. It could be that you’re growing a list, building a relationship with your readers, just plain entertaining them or selling them something.

For the purpose of discussion, let’s assume you want to make a living from your blog. In that case, you need your readers to either sign up for your list so you can market to them via email, or make them an offer directly in the blog post.

It's Time to Monetize


If you chose to rework this particular blog post because you have the perfect product in mind to promote, this part will be easy. If not, take a few minutes and think about what the purpose of this particular post is.

  • Do you want to encourage readers to sign up for your list?
  • Or have you thought of a product that would compliment your content?

Take a few minutes to think about that and make a decision. Once you know what you want to promote or how you want to monetize your post, you can either write a call to action toward the end of your post or work your recommendation directly into the content.

If growing your list is your goal, try adding a call to action and a signup form at the end of your post. Thissign up form can be different from the one you have in your blog sidebar. In fact, it should be so you can track where your sign ups are coming from. I find it helpful to craft a call to action that’s directly related to the content of the post.

Virtual Assistant


Let me give you an example. Let’s say I have a blog about virtual assistants for business and this particular post was about how a virtual assistant can save you time and money. My call to action at the end of this particular post would be something along the lines of:

“I hope this was helpful and I’d love to stay in touch. Of course, hiring a virtual assistant is about more than “just” knowing you need one. Ready for more about how to hire the perfect virtual assistant (or virtual team) for you? Enter your email below to sign up to the weekly Outsourcing 411 newsletter. I’ll also send you my ten best tips for finding and hiring your virtual team.”

Notice how the call to action flows from the content of the article to what the weekly newsletter and opt-in freebie are about?

Another option, of course, is to promote a product in your post. There are a few different ways to do this. By far the Go to the full article.

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