Reviewing 7 of the Top Demand Generation Tools of 2017

By Triniti Burton

As enterprise adoption of demand generation marketing soars, marketing teams are starting to realize that choosing the right marketing technology (MarTech) is imperative to reach qualified audiences and implement a data-driven marketing strategy. Technology can enable marketers to more efficiently identify qualified leads and fill the sales pipeline with the right opportunities.

74 percent of companies that don’t exceed revenue goals are unable to measure how many visitors, leads, marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) or sales opportunities were generated. To meet the demands of modern B2B marketing organizations, 2017 marketers need tools for data capture, analysis and visualization, as well as automation platforms for operational efficiency. The vast majority of programs also need tech to track oportunities, manage projects, execute account-based marketing (ABM), and orchestrate demand generation efforts.

Why Demand Generation Tech Matters in 2017

When marketing teams’ goals shift from the volume of leads generated to the quality of leads and opportunities created, they need new ways to measure success. MarTech can enable marketers to close the loop and achieve an end-to-end understanding of marketing performance, the lead lifecycle, account engagement scores and a host of other real-time insights. These insights can then be used to further refine lead targeting, top-of-funnel content, lead scoring criteria and other aspects of demand generation programs.

Marketing automation, sophisticated CRM tools and collaboration platforms are just a few types of tech that power B2B marketing organizations. To help shape your demand generation strategy in the months to come, read on for real customer reviews of seven of the best demand generation tools of 2017, as identifed by game-changing B2B marketing pros.

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Real Customer Reviews of 7 Top Demand Generation Tools for 2017

1. Marketo: Marketing Automation Platform

As a top marketing automation platform (MAP), Marketo has been a leading choice for B2B marketing, consumer engagement and real-time web personalization for more than a decade. In addition to a broad feature set for targeted lead generation, the platform offers native integrations with hundreds of other services including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM and SAP Cloud.

Among other options for B2B enterprise marketing automation, Marketo is pinpointed by many B2B marketers as the most essential piece of technology in their marketing organization.

Colin Day of FIS Global credits it as the foundation “for building, deploying and managing all of [FIS’s] marketing campaigns and tactics.”


2. Unbounce: Landing Page Builder

Unbounce provides customers with landing page templates, landing page builders, lead generation tools and data-driven design optimization features to enhance the conversion rates of lead generation pages. It’s designed for ease-of-use among marketers without an extensive background in web design or marketing experiments.

According to Demand Marketing Game Changer Jenna Keegan, “Unbounce makes it easy to design and optimize really great landing pages that actually convert.”


3. DemandBase: ABM Platform

DemandBase is designed as an all-in-one tool for account-based marketing – including targeting, retargeting, account-based advertising, lead Go to the full article.

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