Review: Clue #1

By Darryll Robson

It was a board game and then a film, long before the current trend of adapting games into films, and now it’s a comic book. Clue from IDW Publishers, is a new comedy, murder mystery that indulges the spirit of the 1985 movie version with a touch of modern comic book story telling thrown in.

Credit: IDW Publishing


If you are familiar with either the game or the film then the basic story won’t hold any surprises but like all good murder mysteries, the devil is in the detail.

A selection of hue named guests are invited to an extravagant meal at the most famous mansion in New England. They come from all walks of life with a very pleasing diverse cast. Each has a secret or two. And before the night is through each will be a suspect in a murder case.

The narrator for the story is Upton, an aging butler with a wicked sense of humour and a total disrespect for the fourth wall. He talks directly to the reader, helps the story skip along and even has a short conversation with the editor. Upton is a consummate host and leads the reader without too much emphasis on the clues so as not to give the game away to early.

The cast meet in the grand hall before being ushered into the dining room. Over dinner connections between some of the characters are revealed and Mr Green leads a philosophical conversation about murder: whose life is more important?

After dinner, Miss Scarlet is preparing to sing for the entertainment of everyone else when a gunshot rings out, Mr Boddy is dead! (this is by no means a spoiler; it is the central focus of the story). A mystery!

Except as the guests crowd ghoulishly around the body of Boddy, Colonel Mustard notices the smoking gun in Mrs Peacock’s purse. A brief charade of mock shock is followed by a break for the door. Mystery solved in a single page. The police are called, arrive and interrogate Mrs Peacock who all but confesses.

Just when you wonder where the story is going there’s another murder: And this one is very unsuspected.

Credit: IDW Publishing


There are two murders in this issue and, although one seems to have already been solved, there are a host of suspects.

Senator White: A hardened politician who has ties to Mrs Peacock and Colonel Mustard. She insisted that she didn’t want to be at the party but she is there none the less; as Upton says ‘she has an agenda’.

Miss Scarlet: Claims she is there just for after dinner entertainment but she knows Mr Green and doesn’t seem to be phased by a murder. In fact at one point she complains she’s been side-lined from the action.

Mr Green: Indirectly nearly caused the death of Miss Scarlet’s grandmother by owning a pharmaceutical company that upped the cost of certain drugs which the old lady could no longer afford. He then threatens Miss Go to the full article.

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