Reimagine Your Content and Social Sharing for Personal Name SEO

By Denny McCorkle

Reimagine your content and social sharing

Your social profiles and the social sharing of career-related content should confirm your personal brand identity to others and provide support for personal name SEO.

Content has power for personal branding.

The social sharing of curated or created content can: (1) show others what you are learning and thinking, (2) define your personal brand identity, and (3) support your personal name SEO (search engine optimization).

Have you optimized your content and social sharing for personal name SEO?

After completing your personal name SEO audit to determine the best presentation of your resume name, and reinforcing your personal name claim across the web and at important search trigger points, the next strategic step for personal name SEO involves your social profiles and social activities.

Your social profiles and the content that you regularly social share need career-related keywords and topical SEO.

First, this is important so those who begin with a personal name search will find value added content related to your personal brand identity (how you want others to see you).

Second, this is important so those who begin with a career-related keywords or topics search will find your personal name attached to the value-added content search results.

This is called career-focus confirmation SEO.

Career-focus confirmation SEO is the process of optimizing your social profiles and social activity with keywords and topics to associate with your personal name and support your chosen career-focus and personal brand identity.”

How to Reimagine Your Content for Personal Name SEO.

  1. What is a Career-Focus?

Let’s begin by thinking about your current or desired career-focus. On a blank page, write what you would currently define as your career-focus.

Most of us would describe our career-focus as a broader career field or occupation. I am an accountant. I am a marketing person. I am an engineer. And, so on.

“A career-focus is a subset of a more broadly defined career field/occupation that defines a chosen area of work and/or study.”

Yet, a career-focus is not:

(1) an industry;

(2) a career objective;

(3) a company or school name; or

(4) a list of keywords.

However, a career-focus is:

(1) best presented as a niche or specialty;

(2) a topic of study and experience (with subtopics);

(3) best when keyword/topics are optimized for search;

(4) confirmable with evidence or proof; and

(5) adaptable or changeable as a personal brand grows with career opportunities.

A career-focus helps define the keyword topics/subjects associated with your personal brand for personal name SEO.

If you do not know your career-focus or have not optimized your career-focus keywords/topics for search, then others will not likely find you or understand the value of having you as a connection.

“Defining your personal brand by your current job/position shows others a lack of strategic career direction.”

  1. Staying on Career-Focus.

Let’s begin this section with a test of your current social sharing activity.

Pick any social media where you are socially active for the purpose of personal branding and maintaining a professional identity, perhaps LinkedIn or Twitter. Go to that social network and your own recent updates feed or social sharing activity. Then ask a friend, co-worker, or spouse to quickly Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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