Reddit is Rolling Out New User Profile and Moderation Features

By Chris Abraham

Maklay62 / Pixabay

Reddit just offered me the ability to have a lovely twitter-like new profile page with profile image and header photo. This started rolling out 5-months ago. I have been on reddit for over 11-years and it’s taken 5-months to receive this “post-to-profile” experience.

Unlike before, where you would have to take your chances posting your links and content to a proper subreddit, you can now post whenever you want to on your own profile page. Those profile posts will be combined with your other submissions to create something more akin to the love child of Facebook, Twitter, digg, and

So, in digg or Delicious, you can submit your own links or content to your own profile and other people are welcome to comment or upvote (or downvote) but they’re not allowed to drum you out of the corps because you’re only sharing–or shilling–on your own space.

I personally have no clue as to if this personal profile space will will have any effect on organic SEO, but it does look like something very worthwhile experimenting on. Here’s what the entire experience looks like when I come upon my own page:

New Reddit User Profile Page and Moderator Tools

Here’s what I see when I am logged in and on my user page, /u/chrisabraham/

And here’s what the profile page looks like when I am not logged in — so, the page is public to anyone, which is cool:

Chris Abraham user profile page on reddit

Here’s what my reddit profile page looks like when I am not logged in.

I am not 100% certain if this means that these pages are SEO friendly enough to really benefit from the inbound links coming in from sharing your own marketing blog or business blog content on your own profile page; however, I come from the school that crossposting all my content over all the blogging and sharing platforms does much more good than harm (why aren’t you already cross-posting all your evergreen posts on Medium? SEO be damned! & cross-post all your best stuff to Medium, SEO be damned!), so sharing all your content on your own personal redditor profile page should indeed become a habit you should add to your promotion schedule as soon as you’re offered an enhanced reddit personal profile page (who knows how many more months it’ll take before the powers-that-be allow everyone to have one–maybe I am not the very last person to have one).

How I got to this point where I am with Reddit

I spent two days writing a blog post love letter to my 7-year old bike over the weekend and ended up sharing that love with the /r/bicycling/ sub on reddit. While there, reddit offered me a new user experience and user page, /u/chrisabraham/. I might be the last person in the reddit world to receive access to the new look, feel, and functionality of the new user profile features on reddit.

You can now avoid reddit’s 800-pound Go to the full article.

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