Quick Guide: How To Create Your Digital Marketing Plan?

By Ali Liaquat

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In this article, you will learn what is a digital marketing plan? How can a digital marketing plan help your business? How do you make sure your website is helping your digital marketing?

Imagine ShimmerXYZ Studio is a salon known for chic cuts and colorings. they know hair, but feels lost when it comes to digital marketing.

They have a website, but haven’t updated it in ages. They pay to run search ads, but doesn’t monitor them. They have social media, but only signs in occasionallyk6. It’s no surprise that these tools haven’t been helping their business much.

Quick Tip: Setting goals, making a schedule, and assigning responsibilities are aspects of a digital marketing plan, which is like a roadmap to more effective marketing.

Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Plan?

Making a plan can help you see how your digital marketing is working and which parts need a makeover. A plan can also help you be proactive about your marketing goals, as opposed to just responding to situations as they arise.

Your digital marketing plan should outline:

Goals: What are they? How can your digital marketing help you achieve them?

Actions: What do you need to do to meet your goals.

Channels: What digital marketing channels (website, social media, email) will you use?

Who/When: Who on your team (inhouse or outsourced) is responsible for what and when does it need to happen?

Before creating your digital marketing plan, it helps to take a good look in the mirror at your brand’s identity, personality, and audience.

Customers who come to ShimmerXYZ for a cut usually know what they want their new hairdo to look like. They’ve thought about their image and how they want to be perceived by the world. You should do the same with your brand.

Ask yourself: Why is my brand unique? What is my desired tone of voice and attitude when talking to my audience? What is my core message? Your answers can help form a foundation for what you want your marketing to achieve.

Next, zero in on your target audience. What types of people are you trying to market and sell to? What are their demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)? What about more subjective qualities like their interests, attitudes, and opinions?

Then think about the best places to reach your target audience with your digital marketing. Where are they active on social media? Are there blogs and websites they visit that you could be advertising on? What keywords do they search?

How To Create A Digital Marketing Plan?

After you’ve considered your identity and audience, think broadly about your business goals, or what you want your digital marketing to accomplish.

Boosting sales is an obvious goal for any brand. You may also want to improve your brand awareness, build a larger social media presence, or appeal to a new audience.

Once you’ve written out your business goals, think about how your digital marketing can help you attain each of them. In other words, what digital marketing actions do you need to take to make your goals a reality?

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