Quick And Dirty Guide To Using Twitter For Business

By Warren Knight

Did you know that 84% of shoppers on Twitter use the platform to look for deals and product reviews and Twitter users shop nearly twice as much as non-Twitter users?

Twitter is a social network that I have been using for many years, and have built a strong following that both trusts me as an influencer, and engages with me online.

I know that Twitter does not work for everyone, but if you know that your target audience are actively using Twitter, what are you doing to reach them, and engage with them so that they become customers of yours?

I wanted to share with you a guide to using Twitter for business. I have implemented all of the below, and this has helped me become a certified Twitter user with a following of over 32,000.

The Basics

If you have been using Twitter for a while, you will already have set up your Twitter account, understood how Twitter works, and picked a good Twitter handle to showcase your business.

Another part of the “basics” in my guide to using Twitter for business is having a great profile image, header image and a 140-character bio.

When it comes to writing your Twitter bio, think about how you define your business. Imagine you are in a lift/elevator with Richard Branson. He turns to you and says the following; “what does your business do?”. You have just 20-30 seconds to answer him. What would you say?

Your Twitter bio should be around 140 characters, and be straight to the point. Think about your keywords, and your unique selling proposition and exactly WHAT pain point your business solves for your target customer.

Now that you have all the basics set up, let’s look at Twitter’s best features.


The biggest problem with Twitter is noise. Whilst I may follow thousands of people on Twitter, there is no way I could use just Twitter’s newsfeed to see what those I follow are saying online. I found a solution years ago and have only recently realised that it isn’t as well-known as it should be.

This isn’t a new feature of Twitter, but it is still as powerful as ever. For me, Twitter Lists has been one of Twitter’s best features.

Creating a Twitter List was my ultimate solution and helped me listen to what was important. Millions of Twitter users have done the same, and with the ability to create 1,000 lists per account, you can take the next step today and get organised.

To find out how to create a Twitter list, see a previous article I have written here.


At the end of 2015, Twitter announced a brand new feature for all their users: Twitter Polls.

Twitter previously allowed users to ask questions and track their replies within their community through the use of hashtags or asking for ‘retweets’ or ‘favourite’ to cast a vote. This new feature allows you to create your own poll straight from your newsfeed for a 24-hour period.

This tool has Go to the full article.

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