Pushing the Cart Along

By Gemma Baker

Pushing the Cart Along

Photo by Caden Crawford

The shoppers experience starts the moment they enter your online store. From that instant their expectations have been set, and it is your website that is going to help them decide to take action, contacting your representatives, making a purchase, or leaving altogether.

In 2015 the average bounce rate across the ecommerce industry was 33.9%[1]

Over a third of visitors are bouncing on average, there are some reasons you won’t be able to resolve:

  • They press back in their browser
  • They close the browsing session
  • They accidently come to your website then leave quickly

There are other reasons for abandoning the site that your organisation can work to improve.

They Leave the Site via an External Link

Most visitors will enter the site via a landing page or your homepage. To ensure they do not constitute as a bounce by changing pages, only have internal links on these pages to continue their journey, therefore your organisation is not driving the visitor away and increasing the bounce rate.

They Type another URL in the Browser

There is nothing to stop a visitor from typing in another URL into the browser bar and leaving your site. However, many websites try and delay their departure by offering to send valuable insights or free delivery / discount codes when the visitor’s mouse moves towards the bar.

Completion of the form can count as a goal in Google Analytics and therefore not a bounce. Gathering contact details allows the company to encourage visitors to return to the website.

Confusing Navigation

If your navigation is too complicated and the visitor doesn’t understand it they are more likely to leave the site.

Keep it simple!

What pages do you want your visitors to view the most? Think of the path you want them to follow, pair this with the most popular pages that Google Analytics shows through the Users Flow. These pages need to be your top navigation that displays throughout the site, the simplest way to present the rest of your links are within a hamburger menu and in the footer.

The Site is Slow

Text based sites load quicker than media rich ones, however they can be unattractive to visitors. Restrict your image and video sizes and monitor your website speed using Google Search Console (previously Web Master Tools.)

There’s no Call to Action

Make it easy for your visitors to take action, whether that’s contacting your company, by having your phone number and email address available on every page and live chat prominently in view as the visitor browses, or making your checkout process as easy as possible, with obvious ‘add to basket’ buttons and guest checkout options.

Continuing the Journey

Now that your visitor is staying on your website, their experience of your site is just getting started.

They could be at a research stage, browsing your products, or ready to buy. Whatever their intentions if the visitor has questions ensure your representatives are available to help, the quickest method is via live chat.

85% of customers with unanswered questions will try another site for more information; ensure a live Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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