Public Speaking : 5 Ways Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Public Speaker

By Maurice DeCastro

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Public speaking and presenting is often perceived as a skill that only extroverts can excel at because you need to be loud, elaborate and super bold. Mindfulness on the other hand is commonly associated with being far more reserved, contemplative and even a little meek.

Both perspectives of course are misplaced, which means that regardless of your personality mindfulness can be extremely valuable in helping you to become a better public speaker. In fact, at Mindful Presenter we believe that the key to high impact presenting and public speaking starts with awareness, clarity and focus.

If you have to present regularly at work you’ve probably noticed that it often arrives on your to do list as an interruption and inconvenience rather than something you look forward to. Once you’ve resigned yourself to the harsh reality that it’s simply part of the job it’s often something put to the bottom of the list. When it raises itself back up to the top of the list again we often then become experts at procrastination.

The moment arrives when you can’t put it off any longer and you just have to spring into action.

  • The laptop comes out.
  • The templates leap out.
  • The mind switches over to auto-pilot and the damage is already done.

Or is it?

It’s only the beginning.

In terms of content alone some people then go on to craft a presentation which looks and sounds almost identical to previous ones they’ve written. Many are then delivered in exactly the same way too; regardless of the message or the audience.

Highly intelligent, creative, talented and responsible professionals all over the world are presenting the same things in the same way to the same people every week.

It’s mindless.

Mindfulness is changing the world of public speaking and presenting in a way that is illuminating and refreshing because it compels and equips us as speakers to connect emotionally as well as intellectually.

Here’s how:

1. You get to meet you

Many of us are so busy being busy that we rarely take the time to really think about how we are thinking and how we are feeling. Imagine how much more powerful your presentation would be if you connected fully with yourself first before attempting to do so with a disparate audience. Trying to influence the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of others without awareness of our own as presenters is akin to swimming in quicksand.

Long before they even open their laptop the Mindful presenter invests the time, energy and effort to focus on themselves at the exclusion of all other distractions.

How do I feel?

How do I sound?

How do I look?

What are my natural gifts as a speaker, what works for me?

Am I present with my audience in the room in the moment or am I there in body but not in mind and spirit?

Why am I here anyway?

How are my thoughts helping or hindering me and what impact would they have on my audience as a consequence?

Am I doing this for me or them?

Am I excited or nervous; what’s the difference?

Do I do anything repeatedly to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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