New Software Automates The System Used By Million Dollar T-Shirt Sellers – Launch Discount Ends at Midnight:

T-Shirt Titan2

T-Shirt Tital 2.0 TeeSpring Marketing Software Combo Creates “1 Click Designs” And Predicts The Best Facebook Ads After $1 of Spend.

UPDATE: Over 1,000 Copies Sold The First Day of Launch!

Last year, 20 marketers made $1 million selling t-shirts on a website called TeeSpring?


They refined the process and systematically rolled it out by capitalizing on winning designs and ads and quickly dumping the losers. They run with the best and kill the rest. We can boil what they do down to three key elements:

  1. They have identified and only work the best niches
  2. They create and test a huge number of shirt designs and campaigns
  3. They have a proven, simple and repeatable formula for getting buyer traffic from Facebook

The BIG Challenge is Executing The System Efficiently … Especially When it is Done Manually!

bang_head_against_wall_150_wht_13371The above three steps are simple in concept, but the truth of the matter is they are not easy to do well.

  • Finding profitable niches can be time consuming and costly, especially when you must test niches as you go.
  • Many aspiring T-Shirt marketers have hit the proverbial wall when it comes to discovering and creating designs that actually sell. Not only that, designers can be expensive.
  • Running and perfecting ads on Facebook can burn money like a dot com start up on a spending binge.

T-Shirt Titan 2.0 Automates The T-Shirt Marketing System

T-Shirt Titan 2.0  delivers  two key components that solve the daunting problems of finding profitable niches, creating winning desings, and effectively advertising on Facebook.

  • 1 Click Designer software: It can create up to 10,000 proven design combinations in 4 clicks
  • Social Formula: Manage your Facebook Ads and predict the winners after only a $1 spend

Here’s how 1 Click Designer works:

STEP 1: T-Shirt Titan 2.0 is preloaded with 100 designs and 100 proven niches that are HOT for Summer 2015. Click twice to select one.

STEP 2: Enter words that relate to the niche. For example if you choose the nursing nche, the words might be “nurse” or “patient”. The bodybuilding niche will display words like “muscle” or “biceps”.

STEP 3: Hit “GO” and the software creates up to 100 designs for your niche words …. in seconds.

1 Click Designer includes advanced features that make it a game changer for T-Shirt marketers.

  • Create designs for any niche – while the software includes 150 niches built in, you can easily build designs for any niche you can think of. Simply enter a few words that relate to your niche, hit create and download the designs you like. This is huge because it means you can quickly dip into weird & random niches.

Just think “hmmm, I wonder if stamp collecting is a good niche”, and within 30 seconds you have 5 designs ready to play with.

  • Google Translate integration – click the “translate” icon next to a word and its translated to German, Italian or French in 1 click, ready to be inserted into our non-English design templates. Then create tees targeting this “little-known” European market with 80 million Facebook users, primed to buy this Summer 2015.
  • Ability to upload your own t-shirt designs – this is HUGE and means you can basically get any of your designs turned into a template that works with 1 Click Designer.

And, those features are already included in V1 of the package.  The developer promises to add more tools over time.

Here is how Social Formula works:

It integrates with your Facebook Ads. You copy a report from your Facebook ad campaign and paste it into Social Formula.  The campaign is scored and allows you to see what is working best by age, gender and so on.

During the launch the publisher is including a 38 page PDF guide, video training AND access to his earlier product, T-Shirt Titan 1.0, which includes 4 software tools and 8 hours of training.

The launch price is amazingly low, so if you are currently selling T-Shirts on Teespring … or have been considering it, today is the best day to check out tis offer.

Here is a link to learn more:  T-Shirt Titan 2.0

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