President Donald Trump Spends A Lot Of Time Golfing At His Clubs To Make America Great Again

By Shawn Rice

President Donald Trump has spent 21 percent of his days as president at a golf course. Despite campaigning on a promise that he would spend his time in the White House unlike former President Barack Obama to “work [his] ass off,” Trump has spent a lot of time at his private clubs.

Trump has spent 35 days at golf properties during the 164 days of his presidency, according to a report by NBC. Why does this seem odd that Trump is at the golf course so much when other presidents have spent time there as well?

During his campaign, Trump made multiple comments about how little time he would have to play golf. “I’m not going to have time to play golf, there’s too much work to be done,” Trump said in a video clip tweeted by NBC News editor Bradd Jaffy.

Today is Trump’s 35th day at a golf club since taking office. He’s been at a golf club on 21% of days as president.

Watch candidate Trump:

— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) July 3, 2017

On April 28, another New York Times report compared Trump’s golfing to the three previous presidents, and found that Trump had done more golfing than Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush in the first 99 days of their presidencies:

  • Trump: 19.
  • Clinton: 5.
  • Obama: 1.
  • Bush: 0.

It is uncertain what the precise amount of times it has been that Trump has played golf. The reason being is because the Trump administration has kept his traveling press pool away and has refused to confirm that Trump was playing golf.

Here are some reactions on social media with regards to Trump’s golf outings.

Trump will be spending the July 4th weekend with military families.

Just kidding. At Trump golf resort.

— Pesach ‘Pace’ Lattin (@pacelattin) June 30, 2017

Trump is taking another golf vacation at a Trump Golf Course to promote sales. Trump is spending millions weekly to promote his businesses.

— Jim Cassidy (@JimCassidy48) June 25, 2017

Trump doesn’t care. Trump is again at Trump golf property for 30th day since taking office.

— Dennis Gray (@dennishgray69) June 24, 2017

I sure as hell don’t feel like paying for anymore Trump golf weekends or lining his family’s pockets at every official gov’t gathering.

— Lena Eisen (@lena_eisen) June 24, 2017

Why do some have a concern over Trump’s decision to go golfing so often?

Vox reports that Trump’s legislative promises have fallen apart too. Trump spent much of the campaign contrasting himself with traditional Republicans by saying he would take a much more compassionate view on health care, promising that he would “take care of everybody,” and vowing not to cut Medicaid. Rather, the health care bill that Senate Republicans proposed and that Trump supports would, according to the Congressional Budget Office, cut 22 million people from the insurance rolls and slash Medicaid by $772 billion over 10 years.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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