Pop-Up Podcasting, Taking Action, and FOMO: Innovator Interview with Adrienne Dorison

By Lacy Boggs

Adrienne Dorison just recently made her way into my sphere of friends and colleagues, but I’m so glad she did! Whip-smart, funny, organized and interesting, Adrienne is a former SCRUM and six-sigma facilitator turned business strategist for online entrepreneurs, and to my way of thinking, she brings a needed dose of REALITY to the online business world.

She’s a big believer that we, as women entrepreneurs, need to get comfortable with our numbers and with making tons of money — and then making a huge impact with that money through a give-back program. She’s also a podcasting pro and wants to crush your dreams of starting a podcast — wait what?? Not really. But she does have a caveat if you want to start a podcast, so you need to watch.

Some of Adrienne’s truth bombs:

  • We can create limitless income, we just have to be willing to do so, know how to do so, and then we can give it back.
  • On Business: Most of the time we’re solving the wrong problem.
  • On the Pop-Up Podcast: I wanted it to be a test project so I had my own permission to release it if it didn’t light me up or I didn’t want to continue on.
  • If I was doing a sales opportunity, how do we increase sales of something? We give it a deadline. And so I wanted to take that model and put it into the podcast itself, because I hadn’t seen that done.
  • If you’re going to iTunes to build an audience, you’re going to the wrong place.
  • I think a lot of people don’t know what their plan or path is for their content.
  • On starting a new podcast: It’s probably not just a podcast.
  • Don’t think of iTunes as a discovery channel, but rather one of your distribution channels.
  • How are you leveraging other people’s audiences to bring them back to your show?

Get to know Adrienne at Adriennedorison.com and theshiftshow.biz. She’s also launching a brand-new (and incredibly awesome) program for getting your business basics in order at beeline90.com — check it out!!

And then let me know in the comments: Have you considered starting a podcast for your business, or do you have one? Did this interview change how you think about podcasting in any way? I’d love to know.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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