#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong Trends As Twitter Shares Surprisingly Inappropriate Settings for Halloween Decoration

By Erica Abbott

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Halloween can be pretty frightening—from creepy costumes to haunted houses and eerie jack-o’-lanterns, it’s certainly the scariest night of the year. But is there a time and place for various Halloween decorations? As part of a hashtag game, Twitter users shared the most inappropriate places for pumpkins —and they might just be the opposite of what you’re expecting.

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong, which became a trending hashtag in the Googly Tags hashtag game Tuesday afternoon, named the places that the orange fruit simply doesn’t belong during the Halloween season. The hashtag game, which generated more than 4,000 tweets, listed things such as work, different foods (like cereal and chips), on a person’s head and even adorable gifs. Of course, there were plenty of political references as well.

Take a look at some of the best #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong tweets below:

Social Media Celebrates Halloween by Suggesting the #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong

At the top of your Christmas tree #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong

— Luke, Cool ✋ (@LukeWheeler01) October 31, 2017

In the White House. #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong

— Orangina Boo Beena (@LaNaranjaMala) October 31, 2017

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong on my sidewalk, but don’t worry my dog will handle this intruder. pic.twitter.com/ZQPNNIdJWS

— Regina Spacola (@gigirules7) October 31, 2017

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong In drinks pic.twitter.com/8qcNmTF2zm

— Joshua (@JCondrey77) October 31, 2017

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong On top of another pumpkin. There’s kids watching!

— Kerry Tedder Bundy (@KeshaTedder) October 31, 2017

Your front porch after it has rotted #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong

— Billie Hall (@Billie_Jean00) October 31, 2017

In a Charlie Brown special. Not sorry. #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong pic.twitter.com/QAc4VReK7f

— Brandon Cloud (@theclobra) October 31, 2017

The Spice Girls#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong pic.twitter.com/no51pspbjf

— ✊Seth-sy MFer✊ (@SethFromThe716) October 31, 2017

In line at starbucks #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong pic.twitter.com/lWfooxYKlW

— Ashley Nicole⚡️ (@AshLIGHTnin) October 31, 2017


In my freakin’ coffee.

— Greg Baldwin (@GregBaldwinIroh) October 31, 2017

Coming up through the ball return at a bowling alley #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong

— Low Key Savage (@FrankRLax61) October 31, 2017

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong On the Road pic.twitter.com/8oB0FKNcCq

— Greeshma Megha M.S (@GreeshmaMegha) October 31, 2017

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong Dancing in this gif pic.twitter.com/fnqoWoeJXc

— TobySPumpkins (@TobiasBDog) October 31, 2017

on pizza #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong

— pyle (@dianapyle) October 31, 2017

#PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong Time Square New Years Eve Ball Drop

— Dana (@sunkisseeddd) October 31, 2017

Which setting do you think a pumpkin doesn’t belong? Which #PlacesAPumpkinDoesntBelong tweet was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below!

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