Photo of Whoopi Goldberg Wearing Gory Anti-Trump Shirt Is A Digital Fake

By Erica Abbott

An image purportedly showing Whoopi Goldberg wearing a gory anti-Trump shirt is a digitally-manipulated fake. The doctored photo recently became entangled in the Kathy Griffin controversy, however, the image actually began circulating social media long before the comedian’s gory photo shoot went viral.

According to Snopes, the Photoshopped image was first shared shortly after the Women’s March in January. In the photo, Goldberg is wearing a shirt that features President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, along with a disturbing illustration of Trump. The photo, however, does not show the real shirt that Goldberg was wearing at the time, which read, “And you thought I was a nasty woman before? Bucky up, buttercup.”

Goldberg addressed the fake photo controversy on “The View” in April. “I need to clear up a lie that was posted online this morning. A photo of me at the Women’s March has been Photoshopped to show me wearing an offensive shirt against you know who,” the actress and talk show host said. “Even though I don’t care for this man, I would never wear the shirt that’s there.” As she expressed her frustration over the doctored photo, she showed a side-by-side comparison with the fake shirt and the shirt she was actually wearing.

The altered image then re-emerged last month after Griffin’s anti-Trump photo shoot sparked backlash from both conservatives and liberals alike. In those images, Griffin could be seen holding a fake, bloody decapitated head of Trump—for which she later apologized. The comedian later lost an ad campaign with Squatty Potty, was dropped from future shows at MGM Resorts and was fired from CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve gig. At a press conference last week, Griffin predicted that her career is over. Goldberg later said on “The View” that the images weren’t funny but ultimately felt it was “just a stupid bad mistake.”

As the fallout from Griffin’s photo shoot continued, however, Goldberg was somehow attached to the controversy as calls for her firing spread across social media. One meme said, “Whoopi Goldberg should be fired from ‘The View’ and boycotted!” Others agreed, questioning why Goldberg hadn’t apologized for her own controversy—without realizing that the photo was not only months old, but also fake. This is not the first time that Goldberg has had to defend herself against fake news.

Goldberg never wore a vulgar Trump shirt. The original image features the actress at the Women’s March wearing a “Nasty Woman” shirt—a callback to Trump’s comment toward then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the final debate.

See how social media reacted to the Goldberg’s fake Trump shirt below:

Social Media Shares Fake Whoopi Goldberg Photo

The disgusting vile @WhoopiGoldberg needs to go. Let’s start contacting @TheView advertisers. These old women in DNC have lost their minds!

— The Gay Trumpocrat (@PaulObrienUSA) June 3, 2017

Has @WhoopiGoldberg apologized for this ? If so, I missed Go to the full article.

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